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  1. Someone from Brazil ?
  2. Hugo's Revenge
  3. Brazil Fights Oil Prices With Alcohol
  4. I like whats goin' on in S. America.
  5. DOD, Improper Material in Spanish-Language Intelligence Manuals, SECRET, 10 March 1992
  6. Eagle
  7. Brazil Fights Oil Prices With Alcohol
  8. What's the Deal?
  9. Japan's Huge Money Laundering
  10. Central American Union
  11. Secrets of Napoleon and Fujimori
  12. Chile Earthquake was a conspiracy by Japan and Fujimori
  13. Brazilian Presidents have been Probably Japanese
  14. Venezuelans should protest the torture against Carlos the Jackal in Jail
  15. PERU: "Outsiders" Bring Gifts: Genocide Plague Inquisition Columbus - The Talmud
  16. The Destroyed Stone Head of Guatemala - European Features