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  1. London Bombing Footage
  2. Where's the ADL When You Need Them?
  3. Researcher Says Balkan Hill Is Pyramid
  4. Are you still out there in the interweb, BlueAngel (no space)????
  5. Civil Rights in Germany (or better the lack thereof)
  6. French Far-Right Leader: Riots Only the Start
  7. Editors are threatened over TV station bombing claim
  8. The Big Thaw: Global Disaster Will Follow If the Ice Cap on Greenland Melts
  9. ATTN UK CC members: What does anyone know about provisional 'Community Support Officers'?
  10. NEW CLUB
  12. Switzerland
  13. lamented; and yet the people are wrapped
  14. The Blonde Map of Europe
  15. Where are all the freckled people ...?
  16. To My UK Friends
  17. Any truth-seekers in Glasgow/Scotland ?
  18. Russia, Rice and Cold War Rhetoric
  19. information wanted
  20. Please read the story about Sarkozy's birthday.
  21. Wen Jiabao was greeted by a shoe and violent storms.
  22. Japan had something to do with Napoleon Bonaparte.
  23. To Italian investors, please check the stock prices.
  24. Iraq was L'Aquila earthquake's target
  25. Suspicions between Ringo Starr and Stalin
  26. Japan has something to do with the French Revolution.
  27. Napoleon's Secrets and Japan's Secrets
  28. Japanese Women around Stalin
  29. Secrets between Hitler and Japan
  30. Secret of Coubertin and Olympic Games
  31. Probing the Arctic Sea conspiracies
  32. Brighton Hotel Bombing was Probably Japan's Conspiracy
  33. Scandinavia
  34. Japan had something to do with the British history.
  35. Battle of Waterloo, Japanese Samurai and the Rothschild Family
  36. Most Nazi leaders seem to have been Japanese.
  37. Polish Air Force Tu-154 Crash was Conspiracy
  38. Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash was Japan's Conspiracy
  39. Unabomber and Polish President
  40. Greek President is Probably Japanese Descent
  41. David Cameron Uk prime minster related to royal family.
  42. The investigation of the plane crash ended up with Japan's National Foundation Day.
  43. German President Horst Kohler is probably a Japanese descent.
  44. Is the England Football Team Jinxed?
  45. Natural Blond Women Will Be Extinct!
  46. Assassinated Litvinenko was Japanese
  47. The Norwegian Nightmare
  48. Merseyside, England
  49. No more EU bailout petiton
  50. What Has Britain Become? Pt1 - Who We Are
  51. Cherry has something to do with japan
  52. IMAGE: Germany 1934 - The Night of the Long Knives Massacre!
  53. The Hogeway Horror: Dutch Post Euthanasia Nursing Home
  54. 1999 Art Theft Uncovered - The Alleged Rembrandt Painting is Fake!
  55. The Holocaust: Inside Job say Schweitzer and Kaplan!
  56. Jack the Ripper was Heir to the Throne, Prince Albert Victor
  57. VIDEO: Escape From Buckingham Palace, The Naked Man Saga
  58. IMAGE: Lynx Rock, Prueba en Las Montaņas, Catalonia, Spain