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  1. Do you have a Facebook page etc You belong to Big Brother Period!!
  2. Socialism in the US???
  3. Elevation Church, Crissy Moran, and the Brainwashing of Christendom
  4. Logic
  5. Most Dangerous Vide on the 'net (take the red pill)
  6. This is the truth behind out economy (video)
  7. Demographic Winter - the decline of the human family
  8. AIDS as a way of control: Depopulation
  9. Pop Music Lyric Interpretation Thread: What they really mean.
  10. Support The Classification of Fundementalism as Insanity
  11. social architecture/ manipulation of humanity
  12. Zeitgeist Movie Refuted
  13. The Feminism Project
  14. THe Conspiracy to Emasculate And Kill Men
  15. Stealing the Rainbow and the Illuminati
  16. The Misogynistic Pittsburgh Gym Shooter
  17. We Must Have Laws Stopping Parents From Perverting The Kids Minds
  18. Perverts Victorious In Kalamazoo-Wrath of God Soon!
  19. A Nation Of Lockdowns
  20. The Evil Tidal Wave of Onanism (Self-Abuse)
  21. How"They?" Do It With Us....
  22. Does schooling do what we think? NO!
  23. Who - What, Is Society? (questions)
  24. How We Become - Like "They?" Want:
  25. Have we procreated ourselves into oblivion?
  26. The way it is...
  27. Dystopia Pt. 2
  28. DIVIDE & CONQUER: Illegal Immigration and the orchestrated downfall of the U.S.
  29. Zombieland
  30. Need Ideas for book on worldwide mind control
  31. A great video about social engineering
  32. Having is immoral
  33. HTC HD7S@300$,Blackberry Bold Touch 9900@350$.
  34. White Slaves in Early America
  35. Tamil Terrorists Put On Notice, be no closer than one rifle shot
  36. Blacks with second hand shoes in Canberra and in Brisbane Au
  37. Liam Neeson & Islam - Cast truth at falsehood re MLKs in Dallas & Missiles on 911
  38. Sheriff Mack, Riad Hamad, Alex Jones, Victor Thorn - Torture and Murder in Austin Tex
  39. Walk Like an Egyptian Jew, turns up at OWS 'Frisco
  40. Problems at the Dentist :(
  41. Lucie Nejezchlebová aka Lola Myluv - Horoscope
  42. Obama's love of White Women
  43. Social Destruction of Europe
  44. The Keith Richards Crop Circle
  45. ISIS? Help....?
  46. Tamil Terrorists Put on Notice .. No Closer Than One Rifle Shot!