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  1. Olympia Snowe Mentioned about needing a New World Order in 1996 (C-SPAN)
  2. Deunov’s Prophecy: Agartha, 2012 and the New World Era
  3. Secret societies that thought they would control the world have not succeeded ...
  4. Synarchy: The Hidden Hand Behind the European Union
  5. Illuminati Hell Or Aquarian Heaven?
  6. Mind Control & the New World Order
  7. Hit Syria – Target Russia: How did little Syria spoil things for the powerful West?
  8. Warning To The Jewish People
  9. The Threefold Economy: The transformation of science, politics & economics
  10. Ron Paul Will Win In The End
  11. 2 million dead voters: Russians criticize the U.S. electoral system!
  12. Final Conflict 2012? Engineering World War III
  13. Anti-Semitism: What it IS and is NOT
  14. Moscow’s Message to America: “Hands Off” the Middle East and Africa
  15. Hitler’s Failed Blitzkrieg against the Soviet Union. The victory of the Red Army
  16. The Nazi holocaust: My response to my critics
  17. Documentary: “The Wobblies”
  18. U.S. Sec. of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel: Israel’s Nukes More of a Threat than Iran's
  19. VIDEO: Aaron David Miller - "The Much Too Promised Land"
  20. The Need for the De-Zionization of America (and Israel)
  21. Paul Eisen – On holocaust Victim Supremacy – Updated
  22. A World Declaration of Liberation from Criminal Israel! A Must watch video
  23. Chosen by satan, not by God: Christian Zionism is the most bloodthirsty apostasy
  24. Israel is on the road to international isolation
  25. VIDEO: Get far away from USA...its collapse will be messy: Jeff Berwick
  26. BRICS Challenges Unipolar World and US Dollar Hegemony
  27. What is Going on With North Korea is Not What it Seems
  28. Interview given by H. E. President Bashar al-Assad To Turkish TV and Newspaper
  29. Demoncracy
  30. George Galloway speech on Israel, Zionism and Palestine. (Must Watch)
  31. Mystery Solved: The WTC was Nuked on 9/11
  32. Video: Images of the war in Syria
  33. America’s Worst Decision Point was George W Bush
  34. Why Any Sort Of “Recovery” In The U.S. Is A Long, Long Way Off
  35. Unprovoked attack on Syria: Israel commits egregious international crime
  36. Atheist Corrupt Gov Officials Use Extreme Forms of Religion to Divide & Conquer
  37. Islam: The Danger Within
  38. Chemical Duel: Israel attacks Syria. Israel becomes Bhopal?
  39. The BRICS and the Dollar
  40. War Has Begun
  41. Israel Supports Al Qaeda Operatives in Syria
  42. Netanyahu summoned to China, Cabal purge starts in the UK, what about the US?
  43. Zionist Terrorism
  44. MI5 files: Zionist terrorist plotted to kill Winston Churchill
  45. UN tells Israel to let in nuclear inspectors
  46. The return of the Russian Med fleet is a warning for Israel
  47. Why Israelis Assassinated John and Robert Kennedy
  48. Communism vs. Capitalism
  49. Wealth in the Light of Initiatic Science
  50. Aristocracy and Democracy
  51. The World War Order who poses as Divine NWO is far from rising, they're disappearing
  52. That’s why Samir Geagea has betrayed the Christians
  53. Why a One World Government makes perfect sense - The Concept of a Pan-World
  54. The machiavelian threefold game of the neoconservatives
  55. We are All Russians Now
  56. Moscow remembers Charlie Wilson’s War
  57. The Role of Turkey in the US-NATO-Israeli War on Syria
  58. Israel's a rogue terror state. It's history is blood-drenched & a global menace
  59. The “Arab Winter” or the end of Western hegemony in the Middle East
  60. The future of the ME and Afghanistan from the perspective of General McChrystal
  61. Israel's Sacred Terrorism
  62. “Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East
  63. Britamgate: Staging False Flag Attacks in Syria
  64. Russian & Ukrainian Volunteers to Fight McCain’s Al Qaeda Army in Syria
  65. 1st super-governmental world war begins
  66. Sarin gas is as volatile as Washington’s promises
  67. Alert for the second half of 2013 – Global systemic crisis II
  68. Washington is Insane
  69. Syria: the Art of Standing on the Right Side of History
  70. What is Biodynamic Farming?
  71. The Best of George Carlin: Exposing our government and fall of humanity
  72. Yoga Perspective on the Coming Destruction of Humanity
  73. Soon, no more obstacles to the new Sykes-Picot. Assad will not be ousted
  74. The Arabs rebelled against the Muslim Brotherhood
  75. Hassan Rouhani Another Iranian Puppet .. and an unbeliever!
  76. Malala Yousafzai Nuthin'
  77. Adam Kokesh My Arse ..
  78. Illuminati Forged Passport Ring Exposed (Illuminati Global Logistics Network Cell)
  79. The Singularity Is Near! Music Video (Please Share!)
  80. Thomas Sheridan, Big on Brits, Small on Jews - He avoids Irish culpability altogether
  81. IMAGE: Australian PM Tony Abbott @ Reddit, Mouthwash Please - Pat Boone
  82. Ebola? Psy-Op?
  83. HARD CORE WAFFLE: David Icke Live at Wembley Part 1
  84. The Morgenthau Plan - The Jewish Ideal for the Genocide of Germany
  85. Hooo Pooo I can smell the stink of a Jew - Censorship at VOAT
  86. Rand Paul Blames Saudis For 911, Which is Bullsh*t - IT WAS JEWS
  87. Murder, Vice, Treason & Greed - 2016 Presidential Contenders, Jeb Bush, Hillary, Rand
  88. THE CONFEDERATE FLAG: Charleston Bullsh*t - Hangin's!!
  89. Squares, Lines & Right Angles on Solar System Bodies
  90. F*** YOU JEW - Adolf Hitler was a Jew, Jews Perped 911
  91. Iranian Supremo Ali Khamenei Mouths Off on Holocaust Day
  92. Australian Counter Terrorism Police Shoot to Kill
  93. I am a Muzzie Lover, who else is? Do not worry about the thought gestapo
  94. Why Do Isreali Cops Look Like ISIS?
  95. Brexit: George Soros Vows To Rebuild EU
  96. Jews are .02% Of Global Population, But 20% Of The 1%
  97. The Secret Origins of the First World War
  98. The Secret Elite & the Origins of the New World Order
  99. Secret Societies and The First World War
  100. Brothers of the Shadows: Overlords of Chaos
  101. Freemasons, Secret Societies, Conspiracies, Consciousness & the Hidden Masters
  102. Magicians of the Gods: An Interview with Graham Hancock
  103. The Mystery of Albert Pike: Satanist, Racist or Great Man?
  104. Change starts at home
  105. The BRICS Alliance is the legitimate successor to the zionist's dying old world order
  106. The fading zionist old word order vs the New Aquarian Fair World Order (Golden Age)
  107. Vladimir Putin just did the unthinkable
  108. The House of Tards is in free fall to rock bottom
  109. The Threefold Economy: Preparing for a successful transition into the 3rd millennium
  110. The Zionist-Created Scofield 'Bible': The Source Of The Problem In The Mideast
  111. The Holocaust against the Jews did happen!
  112. The Role Of Zionism In The Holocaust
  113. The Truth about Israel
  114. Amexit has begun!
  115. Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping will come out of this like Rock Stars
  116. How Philosophy Overcomes Propaganda
  117. Disturbing truth about all American Wars in the Mideast since WW2
  118. Darkness at Noon: The West is Disintegrating
  119. White supremacist should stop supporting white supremacy wars all over the world
  120. 9/11 was a highly sophisticated terrorist attack done by white supremacist
  121. The most fearsome common enemy the USA, Russia, China, Europa and NATO have
  122. No, Donny, nuclear war is cancelled, sit still, grab a pussy, its ordered from above