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07-11-2009, 06:46 AM
Disinformation claims: Saudis accept Israeli attack on Iran

F. William Engdahl

On 5 In July it was in the world renowned London "Times": "Saudis see on Israeli Attack on Iran remain." If this is correct, then it meant a dramatic change in the Saudi foreign and defense policy, which in consequence even to the Third World War might lead. A more thorough examination, however, that this malicious elements are at work - forces that military psychologists and intelligence specialists like "disinformation" call. They try, in the oil-producing Arab world to sow discord. The only question is: Cui bono? Who ultimately benefits from this misinformation?

In the London Times, the flagship newspaper of the huge media group from the Australia-born American media mogul Rupert Murdoch, was to read: "The head of Israel's foreign secret service Mossad, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assured of Saudi Arabia will ignore when Israeli warplanes in future attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities durchflögen its airspace. "

Furthermore, the London newspaper reported, Meir Dagan, the head of the Israeli secret service Mossad, had earlier this year to confidential interviews with leading Saudi representatives made, and the former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had similar discussions. Relying on unnamed "diplomatic source" from a country not referred to the Times quoted: "The Saudis have tacitly agreed that the Israeli Air Force in a mission that is allegedly in the interest of both Israel and Saudi Arabia is their airspace durchfliegt. «

Would that be an accurate report, then it mean - forgive the expression - an atomic bomb proportions. Because that would make the preparations for war against Iran, after the riots in the context of the elections in Iran, where the conservative Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was declared the winner, already well advanced. The electoral victory of Ahmadinejad has been massive protests by opposition granted. These protests have been actively supported by non-governmental organizations with close ties to the American government and by the U.S. State Department who are.

A few days ago had Obama's Vice President Joe Biden in an interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC U.S. television stations on a specific question answered: "Look, Israel can decide for themselves - after all it is a sovereign country - what their interests are and what it is against Iran or any other action. "" Whether we agree or not? "asked the interviewer. "Whether we agree or not," replied the Vice President. That could be a sign that the government of their former Obama "veto" against a possible Israeli military strike against Iran would have changed. For the first time gave a high representative of the Government of Israel to decide on a military strike against Iranian nuclear installations.

Misinformation of the British secret service?
Given the importance of the report in the Times and the fact that there may be a saint of the war with over a billion Muslim population of the scoring countries could mean if the Saudis to "ignore" if Israeli military aircraft on their way to bomb Iran or other targets in Iran, her dream durchflögen air, I pursued the matter. What I found was something different than what the Times had reported.

I have very reliable sources in combination, which with the situation in Saudi Arabia and are very familiar to me in the past could always leave. I have asked whether the report by the Times about a secret agreement with Israel to bomb Iran's true or not. The answer was very revealing.

The Times had a denial of the Saudi Arabian government cited, but done in a way that the impression was that this denial was not serious and should be the truth about the of the Times revealed collusion between the Israeli secret service and the Saudi Kingdom hush.

Contrary to the Times report, the relations between Ahmadinejad and the Saudi Arabian King Abdullah warmly.

According to this confidential source from Saudi Arabia itself ", it was not just a denial. It would be much more absolute political suicide, even to consider the Israelis to open our airspace. "

This is also my knowledge of many years of diplomatic talks between - yes - even Ahmadinejad and the royal family in Saudi Arabia. Reportedly had an agreement on the reduction of tensions between Sunni and Shiite groups in Iraq primarily to one in a personal meeting 2007 in Riyadh agreement between Ahmadinejad from Iran and Saudi King Abdullah attributed. According to the spot was the dramatic decline in murder in Iraq far more to this discussion than to the escalation strategy infamous "surge" of General Petraeus.

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