View Full Version : Is there a coup going on? What do you guys think of Sorcha Faal?

08-14-2005, 01:30 PM
Here's something she's written:


US Military Destroys Bomb Directed Against Chicago as Top Pentagon Doctor Killed In Helicopter Shoot-Down and US Secret Service Member Killed as United States Coup Continues

Numerous troubling reports from Russian Intelligence Analysts suggest that the Coup attempt currently underway in the United States is spiraling out of control and may soon break into open, and public, hostilities vying for control over the American Government. Particularly troubling is one report detailing an American Air Force F-16 attack upon a bomb laden truck bound for the American City of Chicago but destroyed before it could reach its intended target and as we can read an American ‘sanitized’ version of this as reported by the Associated Press News Service in their article titled "Truck ‘vaporized’ when cargo explodes" and which says;

"A truck carrying 35,500 pounds of explosives crashed and exploded Wednesday, leaving a huge crater in a Utah highway and injuring at least four people. The driver was able to get out and warn other motorists away before the truck exploded. But a passenger in the truck cab and other motorists were rushed to hospitals with injuries, Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Todd Royce said."

According to Russian Military Analysts this American F-16 attack upon this massive truck bomb included Saudi Arabian F-16’s which arrived yesterday in the United States, and as we can read as reported by the F-16.Net News Service in their article titled "Saudi Arabia joins Red Flag exercise for first time in 25 years" and which says, "For the first time in 25 years, Saudi Arabia joins in the Red Flag exercise at Nellis Air Force Base."


08-14-2005, 06:10 PM
When you speak about a coup, it almost seems like a mute point to me. I mean, once a coup occurs, isn't that the end of the story unless you're talking about a "foreign" entity?

America hasn't been under the leadership of a government with allegiance to US, the people, or our country for what? centuries???

If you're implying a "Saudi Arabia" takeover, that would be a different horse or a different color.

I mean, how much interest/investment do they have in our country?

What is their relationship with our government? With the Bushmen?

08-14-2005, 06:56 PM
Someone here called her/him
Sucha Fool. Could also say Sorda Fake.
Bush and family flee to Saudi Arabia?
She's allowed to say that without
checking sources and still have credibility?

I'm sure Russian Military Analysts
first report directly to

Just discovered Sucha Fool's site,
and unless she quits shooting
from the hip, I think I'll pass the site for now.

08-14-2005, 07:52 PM
Lots of stuff goes around the internet. I have been on vacation for a week. In about 1 hour of catching up,we have Cindy Sheehan. Rumors of military leave cancellations for September. The nuking of Chicago might yet be imminent because of the focus there on investigations into the Downing street affair. Rumors of transfers of bases in Germany to Romania? Ain't this a pain in the ass to sort out?
Hey I said it before guys
Last summer before Armageddon. Enjoy.
Still feel it. Sort of a sixth sense psychic thing, the only good part is that the feeling is much weaker than it was in June.