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07-21-2009, 08:55 AM
By : JJump22

Planet X, or Planet Nibiru has been documented by the ancient Sumerians, photographed by the Russians as well as NASA. Yet, there are no efforts to redirect or eliminate its destructive impact on our planet earth. Upon nearing the orbit of earth this planet has caused earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and havoc creating pole shifts that causes destruction every 3,600 years. This planet is claimed to be the headquarters of the Reptilians and Sirians in our solar system, a demon (http://www.conspiracy-metaphysicalgateway.com/realdemons.html) planet. The reported location of PlanetX is said to be the next planet to Pluto and is the eleventh planet in our solar system. The orbit of Planet X Nibiru revolves around the sun and is invisible to the naked eye until it begins to close in on planet earth. Then it can be seen as a massive red planet that dwarfs our planet hundreds of times. Planet X Nibiru is said to disrupt everything it encounters, even the sun of our solar system causing massive sun flares that ultimately effect our Planet Earth as well.

To sustain its atmosphere, Planet X requires the the precious metals of our planet for it has been completely depleted there. The Reptilians (http://www.conspiracy-metaphysicalgateway.com/alienrealencounters.html) present on our Planet Earth for ages and are said to have genetically altered the DNA of our early ancestors to create more advanced and comprehensive slaves to do the mining, as the Reptilian drones thought the work to be to overwhelming. The story of Enki and Enlil ( depicted as the story of Noah biblical stories ) states that Enki forewarned “Noah” of the previous passing of this planet against the will of his brother Enlil, which ensured the survival of mankind. The passing of Planet X Niburu was supposed to wipe out the slave revolt and giants which stemmed from the genetic alterations of early man and the mating of these slaves with the ancient astronauts . When Planet X Niburu passed into the solar system it created a huge wave that engulfed the planet, as the superior beings watched from the stratosphere of planet earth. It is said that these ancient astronauts from Nibiru believe there is no life advanced life on earth but the sea, land, and sky creatures that survived. Will they return to be dumbfounded by the utter overpopulation of the planet that was supposedly wiped clean of intelligent life?