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07-28-2009, 03:57 PM
When China prepares its «Great Escape» from the dollar-trap for the end of summer 2009

Excerpt GEAB N°34 (April 16, 2009) -

LEAP/E2020 believes that the next stage of the crisis will result from a Chinese dream. Indeed, what on earth can China be dreaming of, caught – if we listen to Washington – in the “dollar trap” of its USD 1,400-billion worth of USD-denominated assets? If we believe US leaders and their scores of media experts, China is only dreaming of remaining a prisoner, and even intensifying the severity of its prison conditions by always buying more US Treasuries and Dollars.

In fact, everyone knows what prisoners dream of. They dream of escaping of course, of getting away from prison. Therefore, LEAP/E2020 has no doubt that Beijing is constantly striving to find the means of disposing, as quickly as possible, of the mountain of « toxic » assets which US T-Bonds and Dollars have become, keeping the wealth of 1,300 billion Chinese citizens prisoner.

In any good escape story, the prisoners do not spend their time making announcements that they are preparing to get away. In fact, on the contrary, they tend to avoid arousing their guards’ vigilance. According to our team, the Chinese declaration of March 24th asking for the replacement of the US dollar by an international reserve currency was both a “testing of the waters” and a warning: a direct poll to make an assessment of the forces at work (within the G20 in particular) when it comes to moving to a post-Dollar era (1), and a constructive and destructive (depending of the reaction to the previous idea) warning sent to the various global players. A responsible player (and Beijing is one) must send discreet signals to the other players likely to follow or help “planning the job”. The preparation (2) and implementation of a « Great Escape » (3) requires the collaboration of several partners and no one who would have been willing to co-operate must end up in trouble because he was not informed (4).

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