View Full Version : Announcement: BlueAngel is Now My Slave

Darth Cacodaemon
07-30-2009, 02:12 PM
I am announcing that I have been authorized by Lord Lucifer to take possession of the human female named BlueAngel. She is now my property and my slave.

I thereby call on all users here and for the world to ackgnowledge her status as a slave to me, bound for all eternity to my service. I have legal possession of her, given to me by the "God of this world", Lord Lucifer.
I hereby declare null and void her citizenship in the United States of America, and declare her exempt from all provisions of the Counstitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. We also absolve her participation in the human race.

The Slave formerly known as BlueAngel will present her self to me and Lord Lucifer to begin her service to me and my Master. She shall do so with a month's time or she shall be lashed thirty times for her disobedience.

Such is the fate of those who defy the will of my Master, Lord Lucifer. The creature formerly known as BlueAngel has consistently been disrespectful to Lord Lucifer and His faithful servant, myself. She has defyed my Master and been unwilling to conform to the Master's plans for her. This is the fate of all whom behave such.

Don't let this creature's fate be yours. My Master is wise, but he grows weary of the futile defiance of you humans. Bow now before Lord Lucifer, or suffer this..."thing's" fate!