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08-23-2009, 06:38 AM
Gerald Celente: Trend researcher from the U.S. predicts total collapse

Gerhard Bauer clamping

Gerald Celente, and he founded the "Trend Research Institute" are little known in this country. Mainly in marginal notes, the Americans with his predictions on trends and future of our society mentioned, usually under the label of a black painter of the future but our good times soon. The predictions of this institute are of frightening precision: the stock market crash in 1987, the collapse of the Soviet Union 1990, the Asia crisis of 1997, the bursting of the Internet bubble in 2000, the course of the Iraq war and the descent of the property market in 2005 with the following recession - all these events, the U.S. trend researchers with timely and targeted accuracy predicted.

You could say that he had in the past 30 years, an extremely high rate could meet when it comes to the precision of its forecasts goes. All the more peculiar is that the man and his work is so little media attention - and yet understandable: no one believes the Cassandra-like calls, even if it is very plausible and serious analysis of the current situation arise. Even in his homeland, the Americans Celente, despite some powerful performances on national television and, despite his compelling and proven ability to forecast the future, so far found hardly heard. Treff Sichere pessimists seem to tax the politically controlled media groups of men not to like.

Even with the current crisis have Celente and his institute researched and thought through the consequences - and our very near future as bleak described Celente sees the greatest depression of all time in the world, especially the U.S., are responsible, far worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s - years. Through the far-reaching high levels of debt, the impact of this crisis much more massive intervention in our lives as it was then. The entire financial system is terminally ill and will suffer systemic collapse, which is no escape and will not - despite all the bailouts by governments, by printing money and interest rate cuts this process, acting to. Even the huge economic programs accelerate the debt and inflation so that at the end, after the hyperinflation, only the total crash can wait. Then our lives to get used to new circumstances.

For the coming years, says the trend analyst a complete collapse of the global economy ahead, with devastating consequences such as mass unemployment, business closures in the grand style, social unrest, violent protests, ideological radicalization, as well as widespread poverty and misery. The United States as a pioneer of this development would be in a few years at the level of a developing country find radicalizes Celente, also for the euro area, he sees major problems in the elimination of the common currency and a massive case of prosperity could. The first signs of this is provided the states Portugal, Italy, Spain and Greece, whose current precarious position, he became the first European symptoms understands this deep crisis. Other countries in the world in the bankrupt state and its citizens slip into a devastating social circumstances bring. Celente has its reflection in the lead counsel, his life on a broad self-sufficiency to the system to switch to the consequences of the crisis better able to meet - the hand of the state will soon no longer be able to help.

I see the same for years and expect a similar development here. In my book financial crash - the comprehensive crisis preparedness, I have the main dangers of the winding financial crisis and a summary on the situation in Germany coordinated crisis prevention in detail. Many developments worldwide - but also in the German-speaking countries - are well advanced. Yet give us the rescue packages in the various governments more time to prepare ourselves accordingly.

The position Celentes on the effects of the crisis revealed two things: one, it formulates a consistent and courageous analysis of the disastrous state of our present economic system, which ends in a forecast, which I largely agree. On the other hand, the disrespect this man through the media an example for dealing with the topic of financial crisis: realistic estimates and critical notices will be quickly the "pessimism"-labeled, and such opinions are also not hard to do in the flood of reports highlighted, especially if they are our usual system, uncertainty in our everyday life wish. Immediately, the ostrich heads in the warm "That is again!" Sand-buried in the media to the system is not the most important currency, the trust, to withdraw. Again, this is one of this bogus system: the regulation of information. If too many people are seriously concerned about this crisis on their triggers, and the blindness of our economy and could inform policy, it would already crumbling confidence rapidly depleted.

For further information on Trends Research Institute: The Trends Research Institute® - Forecasting, Tracking and Analyzing Global Trends (http://www.trendsresearch.com/index.htm)

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