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09-22-2009, 12:00 PM
My name is Brian Hill. I am running an political organization called USWGO. I am trying to fix politics and when I set up a forum many months ago nobody ever went to it so I decided to just become a truther for now and bringing out common sense, what I believe is true, and some theories along with it.

I am trying to battle the NWO and prepare for the fight in October if the military checkpoints start getting set up in October, I am planning a media war against the government so that they break off their agenda of setting up forced vaccinations, concentration camps, and their new police state.

I also really enjoy anime, I like cute girls around my age (btw I'm 19), I like working on websites and blogs/forums. I also run a videoshow on youtube and I have blond hair and blue eyes. I also really enjoy reading current events of the news.