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08-19-2005, 07:07 PM
hi guys i thought i should make a little post so you might gain a better understanding of my views

i have been through the christian, anglo cathlic, high church of england

i have studied other religeons and read ltrature on cults

i am deeply interested in the history of britain and the ancients

i was raised in a spiritulist family

i am always into current events of science and discoveries

i do not follow any kind of relegeon good or bad please no more insults

if i affend you please understand my views are only my views and not directed at anyone unless otherwise stated

my views are not carved in stone i enjoy a good debate as long as it doesnt get too pro religeon

my mind is always open to hear new ideas and views i might take some on board i might not after all how can you improve yourself if you dont listne

that said i believ that you should listne only to your thoughts unless you also find some use for another persons thoughts (no im not any kind of vampire or mind control agent either)

i choose to persue the metaphysics of our universe
and wish to understand the nature of things
nature kind goes hand in hand with truth honesty and happiness

live today for yesterday has gone and tommorow yet to come why exist in regret and hope you will miss so much now thats me in a nut shell

if i offend anyone on this site or make the odd mistake or say the wrong thing occasionally i applogise in advance :-D

08-19-2005, 09:58 PM

wellcome this place is open to all regardless of their background. sometimes it gets bloody but its the war of ideas.

your background and beliefs make you a nwo poster child. hope this forum helps you see where you are standing, regardless of what you might decide.
take a look at all the archives there are tons of info much of it you should read.