View Full Version : Bloody attack in southern Iran: US-British-Israeli terror attack

10-18-2009, 07:18 AM
Bloody attack in southern Iran: US-British-Israeli terror attack

18 / 10 / 2009

MOSCOW, 18 Oktober (RIA Novosti). Behind today's bomb attack on a high military in southern Iran, that killed 31 people, according to the latest data to suspect Iranian authorities of Great Britain.

The Iranian state television circulated a statement for an "informed source" who said Britain "immediately" was behind the attack. The London-based Foreign Office condemned the atrocity in Iran, without commenting on allegations from Tehran.

The assassination of a high commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards had been committed in the south of the country. The high military was killed. A suicide bomber had detonated his bomb outside a conference hall in the city of Sarbaz, when there commanders and tribal elders had gathered for a meeting. Among the casualties, there are several officers.

To the suicide attack, apparently the worst in the Islamic Republic for years, yet no one claimed responsibility. The Iranian parliament chief and ex-Atomchefunterhändler Ali Larijani in turn made the U.S. responsible for the attack, as reported the AFP. Before that had already expressed a spokesman for the Revolutionary Guard that were behind the murder "foreign elements" who are "connected with the U.S.."

In 1979 gebldete the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is a conservative special unit of the army, which is tasked with monitoring the regime loyalty. They had also come in the war against Iraq (1980/88) are used.

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