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10-26-2009, 06:57 AM
LOL... greetings to everyone who is inspired enough to search for something we may refer to as the truth... but no one has the full message, that's what cooperation is all about...
Conspiracy is the new god... that which is beyond our control and understanding... for how many of us truly understand the need to destroy most of life on this wondrous planet we call home? How much longer will our species be able to call this third stone from the sun home?

I am Heyoka... a clown if you will, traditionally mimicking others in order to teach what is disjointed and serving no purpose... I am also known as CloudWalker, although someone else has that name here... and my real name is Psymon... I'm a Reiki master/Shamanic healer... musician, writer, poet, singer and rapper... most important of all, I'm a human being who doesn't believe the hype... most of it fuelled by Jewish money and fear... if you doubt me, who owns the media and the banks?
Controversial or not, it happens to be the truth... I am not anti-semitic as such... I'm anti control of any nature, from any sector of society... no matter what faith or background... no one group has the right to control another, ever!

I spent 20 years or so as an activist, I have come to the conclusion that change doesn't come about through shouting and throwing missiles at those opposed to any form of objection to ideas that are detrimental to life on this planet...
"Be the change you wish to see" Gandhi.

All Hail Discordia...