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10-29-2009, 03:56 PM
In Hello everyone:D

I have been in the know for 18 years and see a major problem that going to really hammer this country and it here NOW! Our currency is going south so fast we are at 11 trillion debt! HOW MUCH LONG WILL OUR CURRENCY LAST??what do we have to back it? LAND? now that the government owns the banks they own everyones mortgage's!!:eek:
now EVERYBODY is downsizing unemployment is climbing quickly! EVERYDAY the news pounds us and it lay offs.
there his no history on how to fix this problem to fall back on I have a real bad feeling about the how fast this seems to be happening?!It's really hitting the fan out here in california.
I think the banksters have met their dreams,and while USA is watching DANCING WITH THE STARS oohh brother are we going to watch in our lifetime the destuction on our country