View Full Version : I had a David Icke Miracle yesterday!

11-10-2009, 04:18 AM
I was listening to an interview with David Icke about his experience with the drug ayahuasca and the subsequent contact he had with the infinite consciousness. I played it about fifteen times and started to smell whiffs of cannabis. I haven't smoked it in seven years and hadn't been near any in that time so it was unexplainable. I tried to imagine smoking some, in the hope I could fool my brain to get me high. Didn't work too well. Next day I went to the library and they had a copy of Icke's TALES FROM THE TIME LOOP which details the same experience with ayahuasca.I sat and read it for half an hour then I went out the library straight after and then found a bag of cannabis on the pavement! :))) Some poor sod had dropped it. Finders keepers. A coincidence? I like these coincidences!:)))))