View Full Version : Mental Health that ties in with the corrution that fillters through every aspect.

12-14-2009, 03:20 AM
Mental Health that ties in with the corrution that fillters through every aspect on which society is based and grows upon.

Hey there
this is the first time i've ever been on any site like this.
A summary of what started me off on becoming informed and sceptical was when my sister was sheduled under the mental health act.
Nina grew up with epilepsy though everything was fine untill a doctor decided to take her off her medication.
She had withdrawel reactions and was unable to get herself to school therefore the school requested she go through the hospital to get a permission slip. They shedueled her as an involintary patiend and we were not informed of were she was for a month. After effort we found her at Redbank completely off her face screaming, crying and not knowing who we were.. let alone herself. We were only able to see her twice a week with close monitoring. she was dragged through aldult mental health wards for 2yrs from the age of 16.
There, she was degraded and raped litterally and mentally. Docs played there role as destracting the case with fulse alligations toward the family.
It made me sad to see how many were able to think with the same life for profit attitude.
Shes home now only due to the DNA evidence, polymorphic, celiac and other such tests that my mum way able to aquire.
She lost sight to a meter ahead were she was before able to see clearly and gained so much weight i wouldnt have recognised her if she passed, even though she vomited up all her food, completely deleriouse and totally sadated. These are just few of the many reactions she had to the medication.
Sadly the case isnt common. my mum has made many friends who are in the same situation with there children and we are the only ones that i know of to have successfully get them home and off the guardian ship act.

One girl i met breafly in one of the many wards my sister was placed in was there for anorexia. When i met her she was very thin though definitelly capable of recovery from what her appearance told me. i witnessed her at one point get slammed against the wall by one of the nursing male staff and dragged accross to the seclusion room because she went into the bathroom on her own for less than 3 seconds. our door was closed by one of the staff when they realised that we were watching. four days after my mum brought in the newspaper and it said that she died due to the staff leaving out her drip.
Although deeply traumatic and unforgivable the details of my sisters case dont compare to some of the others. some of whom started of as being young are now adults with the court proceedings still continuing.
Following my sisters recovery and when she is capable of making a statement in court my mum will take it to the suppreme court and be the first to bring DNA evidence in terms of this catergory.

12-15-2009, 03:31 AM
She was sheduled as an involuntary patient. this means that pretty much against her or her gardians authority they saw it as there obligation i suppose.
i wasn't aware they could do this untill it happened.
Though my parents caused a massive stink and eventually found her werabouts.

12-17-2009, 04:58 AM
The registrar on duty, also two psyciatrists in an adults emergency. Psyciatrist have the total power to schedule anyone based on there own assessment. Generally if they are a risk to themselves or others, this she was not. Though she was toxic on their psych drugs which they were aware of.

12-18-2009, 12:11 AM
She was sheduled as an involuntary patient at redbank mental instituation in NSW Australia. Shes currently at home with her mother, father, brother and me her sister detoxing. luckily we have good finances and have had the ability to extend onto out home to provide her with a nurturing and spaciouse environment.
This is a global system.