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02-20-2010, 08:03 PM

Social oppression is all around us. We oppress and we are oppressed.
Outright it's the way life goes on. Whether we know it or not.

We are somewhere between; up and about TO down and out.
Obviously, we are biased in ourselves. We all want things - our way.
Seems like most people are oppressed into conforming to society around them.
The odd ones that don't, become "outcasts" of society.
Society, will either make way for your OR it will want to keep you out.
(in your private life AND work-a-day world)

Historically, it all started before you were even born AND the world around,
already has its' own plans for what's to be.
What already "exists" is subject to dispute AND
what "will exist" is subject to dispute, as well.

Ourselves start out from the time we are thought to have been born. (birthdate)
At this point and for the first few years - we are taken care of, mostly by others.
The way it goes is, it ranges between, we're taken good care of and not so.
After we get older, society around us chips in more-so and even "takes over".

Oppression starts from the day you are born and
continues to the day you die.
(even before you are born AND even after you die)

Socially oppressing is the way everything goes on; from private relationships to established societal order about.

Everything is subject to your own perception of things.
There is no "good guy or bad guy", right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy, etc.
(everyone can decide for themselves - better or worse for it)
You will group together AND go separate of one another - where you will.
(you can even, go it alone)

Looking back in time....
you can see to "time immemorial" AND forever more, here-on.
(there are differing views around, on it all)

As things are, the established world around - plays dumb to knowing things,
to do with being here BUT we are stymied - every of our way.
(we are also, steeped in the "present-day" world)

"Time immemorially, been already" is conspicuously absent.
It's all along the lines of - this is the beginning. (for us "humans")
Your beliefs are your beliefs AND my beliefs are mine.
You don't have to believe what I believe AND
I don't have to believe, what you believe.
We all hove our own "beliefs", whether we can express them to another or not.
There is no, your beliefs are AND mine aren't. There is no, my beliefs are AND
yours aren't. However, it is where we will stand off to one another.

There is no, one way for all BUT for all, there is a way.
You'll have to find, your own way, in it all.

The world is not, one big happy family.
There's a good chance, the world, cannot be, one big happy family.
(if it can, it's nowhere in sight)

We all have our "good" selves NOT the "bad" other guy.

Our problems arise from, one to another. We go our own way.
We don't "really" care about another. We only "care" about ourselves.
There is no "real" need, for it to be different.
We all have to make our own way in the world.
Peace and quiet, doesn't rule the day. (we all want it though)

Where am I speaking from?

To get an idea, you can check out these links below:

The Human Mind and How it Works: Parts 1 and 3
The Human Mind: Part 1: The Human Group Mind and How It Works (http://www.solhaam.org/articles/mind1.html)

Ego - the False Center
The root problem of all problems is mind itself (http://www.oshosky.com/main/contents/ego.htm)

Self-Reliance (http://www.emersoncentral.com/selfreliance.htm)

The above links, will give you, an idea of where I am. (mind-wise)
I probably don't entirely agree with everything you'll find out
from the links above; but it will still give you a good idea - where I am in myself.