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02-24-2010, 05:05 PM
yes i know this is off topic.. but i want to share the rewards of it which you will feel if you dont quit once you start.. last year i started bike rideing with a 21 speed. at first last spring it was hard and i dreded the hills.. on my way up a big hill some real skinny older guy went up past me going twice my speed. when i saw him on the other side i asked him how can he do that. well he says if you feel you wont do it you wont. thats all he had to say. but every day i started out in 3rd gear. went up hills in 2nd. it took 2 months. but then i started to go up that hill in 4th gear.. yes i was huffing and puffing.. a litle longer later at the end of summer i dident even feel it. the hill was nuthing.. why did i do this? because im 68 years old and i dont want to wether up befor i go. and i am now a slim 195. with mucles i dident know i had. i can dumbell curl 100 pounds. a 30 inch waist. and i havent felt this good all my life. i think i can out run any teen. bikeing is good if you keep it up. but dont over do it and end up like some of those skinny guys you see on bikes.. a 2 or 3 mile ride in the morning.. and befor dark. at least once a week race and time it. every week try to go faster. for a mile. i did a mile last fall in 1 minut and 45 seconds. but i only have a 21 speed.. there are faster bikes.. but its not how fast the bike can go.. its how much you gain and how long you can keep it up.. 3 miles in the am and at dusk.. round trip comes to 12 miles a day. i dont even have a car any more i sold it. dont need it. i dont pay for gass-oil-tax-upkeep ect.. and cost me 0 to go where i want to go. places to far i take a tain or buss or get a ride. this spring try it.. by summer if you dont quit. your old things will fit you again