View Full Version : Paypal Freezes USWGO's account and demands information about their operations

02-25-2010, 09:44 AM
Source: Paypal Froze my non profit USWGO Account, requires information about my operations - USWGO Alternative News (http://uswgo.com/paypal-froze-my-non-profit-uswgo-account-requires-information-about-my-operations.htm)

When I first read it I thought it was a scam but then I found out that days after the Austin Plane Crash suicide attack against the IRS (http://uswgo.com/paypal-froze-my-non-profit-uswgo-account-requires-information-about-my-operations.htm#) the government has been stepping up their security and surveillance efforts and my paypal account has been targeted by paypal but I know it is the government cracking down on organizations like mine so I am creating a personal account (http://uswgo.com/paypal-froze-my-non-profit-uswgo-account-requires-information-about-my-operations.htm#) and not using it for my organization to gather a few finances to keep up the fight against the elite.
It sickens me that they want me to give up personal information about my organization. I donít really like verification because then the US Government has my organizations information secured in paypals system and thatís the first step before extermination is complete and total registration. Once I give the US Government or Government controlled banks (http://uswgo.com/paypal-froze-my-non-profit-uswgo-account-requires-information-about-my-operations.htm#) my personal information or how I run my unregistered non profit political (anti-elitist) organization (I donít want to register, I donít have the money to make it a official non profit, d@mn those money grubbing pirates) then this means the US Government can take me down at any time they request it and all they need is to declare me a enemy or terrorist and they can easily take any donations I get away from me.