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02-28-2010, 06:30 PM
End Times are popularly laced about....
Why is that?

We are being harvested from one lifetime to the next lifetime.

According to this "lifetime"
these lifetimes have a duration of about 60 years.

When did this lifetime start?
Somewhere around 1955.

Does anybody know?
There's people around that know.
Hard to say how they see things though.
Mostly, nobody has a handle on anything.
The only ones, that mention anything, are the "new" ones.
The "old" ones, are at a loss "up-front",
as well as "settled" in to going, from one lifetime to the next.

The End-Time:
is mainly there, as a way of wrapping up a "current" lifetime.

The lifetime starts out - carries on like there is "life around" living -
which lasts for about 30 years.

During the first 30 years - there is a lot of "distorting" - what is(?).
The following 30 years - is for - propaganda different of - and discrediting,
whoever the singled out "ones" are.

Is unknown - how many - the world over - there are - that are singled out.
There's at least - one - though. Expectably - there's more. (number unknown)

Mainly, the "end-time" is there, as a convenient way of ending things.
Lots of "end-time" scenarios around - all to - cause confusion.
This "confusion" that it causes - is not in - the present-day world.

Does not really make sense - that the present-day world -
would cause it's own demise.

However: we do not have "control" over ourselves.
We are controlled over, instead.

We simply "fulfill" their desires.

Chances are - the end-time - that we exit to the tune of - is imaginairy.
More so than not - we'll be gone in a "poof".

The only thing, that will change this course, that we are on from "around",
will be a "lifetime" that actually manages to continue to be, by its' efforts.
This is not "such" lifetime.
"Such" lifetime - currently - is not anywhere "nearby".

Us humans, are well ploughed under, to "lifetimes" ahead.

Those that aren't in a "hapless" situation,
are of "no use" to anyone but themselves,
and may not be that "useful" to themseleves, afterall.

As far as present-day life goes, it all goes on "unknowingly" to anyone.

Kudo Shinichi
03-28-2010, 10:17 AM
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