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03-08-2010, 04:47 AM
Google has entered the energy business, with the formation of Google Energy, a subsidiary of Google. The company has submitted a request to the federal agency for the buying and selling of electricity in the wholesale market.

Google energy, the Delaware-based company, was formed in December last year, and their request to the Federal Agency was officially announced by the Federal Registrar a few days back. According to Google’s representative, this branch out of Google’s business empire is meant to give the company flexibility in setting and reaching a goal in the process of carbon neutrality.
Now the company is not planning to buy utility scale renewable energy’, but has plans to buy high quality and reasonably priced renewable energy when they can use the green credits.
Google already has a 1.6MW solar installation at its headquarters, in Mountain View California.

As of now Google doesn’t have any fixed plans regarding the buying and selling of electricity. But they plan to do so, once it becomes a part of their portfolio. By improving the efficiency of its various business operations, Google plans to become a ‘carbon-neutral’ company soon. The company also has plans for the purchase of ‘high quality carbon offsets’. They have also invested in various renewable energy companies, through their subsidiary Google.org, which already has notable investments in various start-ups in solar, geothermal and wind energy sectors. It has also developed an application to monitor home based electricity.

Google employees are actively exploring various aspects of energy investments, so as to help the company in getting a prominent position in the energy sector, especially in clean energy. Check out the latest clean energy news (http://www.worldenergymedia.com/) for more details on Google’s new steps towards the energy industry.