View Full Version : Happenstance - Intent - Design - ???

03-08-2010, 04:03 PM
Mostly, the populace of the world, goes about its' day to day life,
concerned with its' well being - in a functional way - in the world around.
Most of us, live out our lives, in a local area, somewhere.

Not too many of us, enter the "big picture", or even get involved.

Do we serve a purpose, or are we - serving a purpose?

The general populace, seems to be there, in a happenstance way.
How do you see it, from one of the many people, in it all?

The intent that we have, to one another, seems to be notice-able.
We take to this group of people, we don't take to, another group of people.
Is our group of people, the only group of people, that can be?

Do we live together as a whole - of what is,
or are we - just putting up with one another?

Looks like we mostly, put up with each other around,
in a stay away from me, kind of way.

Our intent, towards each other, seems to go from, seeing
each other suitably and seeing each other, unsuitably.
In a way, we bang out in ourselves, from there.
Most people around, we don't come into contact with.
Close up, we can only, accomadate, a few people.
Is our existence, as random as it looks?
How far does our "intent" to each other, go?
Are we anywhere, loosely, gathered together?

See yourself in it all, and possibly, you will see yourself in it all.
Could be where, you will find, your way in it all.
Unfortunately, the established world around, does not make it available.
However, as a you, just starting out, it is where, you, have, to take it from.

Life, in the first-place, could very well be, more - life involving,
than our seemingly, complacent existence, shows it to be.
You, have "your" way, to go. You have to see to it, yourself.
The more you can, "incorporate", around you, the more you can see it all be.

The established world around, doesn't want you to.
The established world around, doesn't speak, for you.

For the most part, you will probably find, your hands are tied,
and that you are, all bottled up - by the world around.

Do you think, that it is by "design"?

Members of this forum, are sought, to express - their views here.