View Full Version : Happy Zombie Day, Everyone!

The Poet
04-02-2010, 09:34 AM
This Sunday marks the annual Zombie Day Celebration, as millions and billions of deluded Christians will celebrate. It is said the zombie Jesus of Nazareth, despite being crucified, beaten and scourged arose on this day to stumble around.
I, to celebrate the rising of Jesus the Zombie Christ, will watch Zombie movies and laugh at the yokels out there that really believe that dead man, beaten to the point of disfigurement, crucified and dead ACTUALLY rose to shamble his way across Jerusalem.
I suppose those who believe this haven;t heard the obiturary that Nietzchie discovered: GOD IS DEAD! Yes, your god is dead and the Jews were right, the Disciples stole the body and hid it so they could pull the biggest scam job known to history.
Why did they do this scam? because they were unable to bear the thought that Jesus turned out to be just a man-like you and me. So they stole the body and perpertrated the greatest fraud ever known in human history. The worse thing about this fraud is that it rates right up there with deluded New Agers "channeling" so called "Higher Selves" that turn out to be nothing more then fraud to get credulous people to fork their money over.
Don't get me wrong, Zombie Day dosen;t hurt abyone; but then neither would Smurf Day or heck, how about World Kickball Day. Actually, world KickBall Day would at least have the advantage of being fun and not have to involve shamblin, disfigured ghouls, fraud and delusional Jews.
I nominate we start World Kickball Day as a world holiday to be played by everyone on the first day of Summer. No zombies, eggtes, scams just a lot of fun!

So to those who believe this trash: HAPPY ZOMBIE DAY!!!