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Public Enemy Number One
04-22-2010, 02:18 PM
Bishop: 'Shame' on Brazil church in sex scandal
(AP) – 6 hours ago
RIO DE JANEIRO — A Roman Catholic bishop in Brazil says he strongly supports the police investigation of three priests in his region accused of sexual abuse.
Bishop Valerio Breda's says the case has brought "shame and dishonor" on the church. His open letter was made public on Thursday.

The Associated Press: Bishop: 'Shame' on Brazil church in sex scandal (http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gDc-ZGlINGW1q-9loLMQZVnMIBHgD9F85B3G0)

Heck, yes! I encourage the Pope to come clean and cleanse the House of God from these vile sinners! Satan I imagine is laughing at this.
Either the Catholic Church comes clean and sends these sickos to prison to rot, or I encourage Catholics to break away from the Roman Catholic Church and start a "Reformed Catholic Church". The House of God can not tolerate these wicked workers of iniquity, and at the same time present the TRUTH of Christianity to the world.
Bishop Valerio Breda, you are right on!!

Brother Sprong is right when he says:

"The bias in the media is not against the Catholic Church. That is little more than face-saving defensiveness. The bias is against the abuse of children and young people by priests. The bias is against a systematic cover-up on every level of the Catholic hierarchy. The bias is against saying how deeply this abuse is regretted on one hand and on the other promoting Cardinal Bernard Law, one of the most guilty prelates in America, to a position in the Vatican where he will no longer have to answer questions under oath. The bias is against the way Bishop Geoffrey Robinson of Australia was treated by the hierarchy of his own church after his report on clergy abuse in that country was so overt and honest, that it did not serve their cover-up needs. It is not an anti-Catholic bias but a universal revulsion against this behavior across the world that finds expression in media coverage. There is also no rejoicing among other Christian groups, since this behavior in the Roman Catholic Church diminishes all Christians and hurts the cause for which all Christians work. For this Church to pretend that they are somehow the victims of an anti-Catholic bias in the media is simply one more aspect of their unwillingness to see the depth of the problem."

04-22-2010, 06:22 PM
Satan I imagine is laughing at this.

No I'm not!:p