View Full Version : Who Do You Nominate For The "Tinfoil hat" Award for 2010?

The Poet
04-23-2010, 12:06 AM
I declare the creation of the "Tinfoil Hat" Award. This award will be given to the most paranoid, mentally unstable, screwy, borderline psychotic Conspiracy Theorist for each year.

Would you, ladies and gents, please send in your nominations for whom shall receive this prestigious award this year? I need nominations for 2010 so we can recognize this person for their contribution to the world of Conspiracy. Remember, they must have these atributes

1. Seriously Paranoid
2. Espousing a ridiculous conspiracy theory that is eithger so absurd it is inane or simply a worthless bit of lunacy
3. Displays borderline psychotic behavior

So let me know folks!