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05-05-2010, 11:33 AM
Source: USWGO Talk Radio: Brian Hill Interviewed Pastor James David Manning himself on May 4th 2010 - USWGO Alternative News (http://uswgo.com/uswgo-talk-radio-brian-hill-interviewed-pastor-james-david-manning-himself-on-may-4th-2010.htm)

MP3 Podcast Link: http://uswgo.com/Transupload/transloaded/uswgo-talk-radio-reverend-james-david-manning-interview-by-brian-d-hill.mp3

My interview started a little late in the show as you have noticed in the audio podcast (http://uswgo.com/uswgo-talk-radio-brian-hill-interviewed-pastor-james-david-manning-himself-on-may-4th-2010.htm#) but the interview did went well, so we were able to ask him many good and interesting questions and gathered many interesting answers in this historic Interview podcast file I am now serving up on my website (http://uswgo.com/uswgo-talk-radio-brian-hill-interviewed-pastor-james-david-manning-himself-on-may-4th-2010.htm#).
We have went to the extremes to spread the word about the interview days ago, getting myself banned from a chat room (http://uswgo.com/uswgo-talk-radio-brian-hill-interviewed-pastor-james-david-manning-himself-on-may-4th-2010.htm#), called a conspiracy theorist over the interview, but some told me that they want to see it or similar and was excited about it. I even used services such as Twitter, ListJoe, MyListFrog, YouTube, Facebook, Resistnet, and talked to many people to spread the word regarding the interview even looked through piles of other peoples advertisements just to gain enough credits to spread my views and many work at home site (http://uswgo.com/uswgo-talk-radio-brian-hill-interviewed-pastor-james-david-manning-himself-on-may-4th-2010.htm#) owners actually took a look at the interview as it concerns fighting for our future against the criminal global elite.
So now that the interview is done I am finding out more into detail about Obama being in the CIA at pretty much around the same time Bush Senior was Director of the CIA, and right around when Osama Bin Laden also was recruited by the CIA, and the Osama Obama gang both were CIA Agents to win the Taliban war against the soviets. This isnít a conspiracy theory, it is on the record or else pastor James David Manning never would have done the mock court CIA Columbia trial that will start at around May 14 through May 19 2010 after the march at around Columbia University
He explains in to a certain amount of details, not that much but still very good information, about what cards hes about the play at the court trial against the elitist of the elite powerful bankers, and if those truth cards are enough we can finally bring down the powerful super elite.
We also discuss how different politicians seem to be interconnected, how Obama is a true deceiver, asking about the evidence thats going to be used in the Obama CIA Trial, asking what he hopes to achieve with the trial, and more plus a guest caller getting to talk with him a little bit before having my final discussion with Pastor Manning.
So for all that has read the article they should definitely check out the archive and starting burying their face into the truth the elite has hid from us for decades to centuries.
The truth, Freedom of the Press, is a Revolutionary Act!

05-05-2010, 04:30 PM
Caught that, heard that. Good interview. ;)