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02-02-2005, 06:42 AM
Can this be done? Would you participate?
Here it goes: What if we, who are againt the NWO, and all the ugliness that makes us hopeless, non-motivated, ill, and just plain de-valued people were to start with such a small number of people and grow into a mighty voice??
Let me share this: About 8 or 9 years ago my car broke down and obviously I needed help. Having no one to call, I noticed a small, clean little building across a grassy area, so I began to walk towards it. I was approaching the back of the building and noticed that there was a back door open with a small room which led to a bigger room used for some meeting or church, what-have-you. I stood in that little room hoping their meeting would be over soon so that I may ask someone to jump start my car (or whatever it was, I forget). Well anyway, this is what I heard/witnessed. There were at least 200 men of all economical levels, some neat and clean, some just off of work from a factory, sanitation department and others. They were discussing their plan!! The plan was to put man back into the place of authority and head of the household. Whether he was educated or not, the plan was to put these men at the top of the household, and to be respected, revered, and such.
What am I talking about? This ended up to be the
million man march!!! Have any of you heard of it??
Not only was THIS little church/hall holding this meeting, but ALSO hundreds across the United States. Even though I (personally) don't agree with their true agenda, but the point is they came together!! First as a small group, then county to county, then national. They voiced themselves in Washington, D.C. I can't really tell you what was gained. I simply know that this was a religous matter where men wanted to gain back their position as head of the household.
But anyway folks, sorry for this long dragged out posting. So, my friends, is it possible at all--for us to do the same. To build a 'voice'!
There are so many unanswered questions. So many fears, uncertainties. Questions from you and me, and the person sleeping on the bench, the old lady living alone, the young man in college, the uncertain future for the office gal, the single parent.
Are we (they) not valued??
Can we be made heard, would you do it--would you participate??

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02-03-2005, 09:12 PM
A perfect time to use a cruel pun. Get real!
Just think for a minute, do you know of anyone in your neighborhood that knows about the NWO like you do? What about in your City or State?
I'm guessing the answer is a definite NO. There lies your answer. :roll:

02-04-2005, 05:52 AM
nohope187 wrote:
A perfect time to use a cruel pun. Get real!
Just think for a minute, do you know of anyone in your neighborhood that knows about the NWO like you do? What about in your City or State?
I'm guessing the answer is a definite NO. There lies your answer. :roll:

Thanks for your post, nohope. I have the intelligence to know that you are not insulting me, but stating the truth. TRUE, there are those that are 'like totally' in the dark, and couldn't imagine such as thing. Then there's those that 'do think' of these things and are afraid to ask another individual if they feel the same. Then there's those that KNOW and pretend everybody's nuts. And then there's us who come into these forums under fake names HERE and in our email addresses because we either have had our own personal experience, or from observation and WE DON'T HAVE A VOICE because we feel its too late, or they are bigger, stronger, powerful and such. And you know what?? They are.
Did I not say when I first wrote in one of the postings, that most people just burried their heads and now its like Huh??? What's going on???
I know what you are saying nohope, thanks for your response.

02-09-2005, 07:07 PM
The answer isn't so much in who knows about the NWO it's about teaching people what real freedom is, exposing our false choices and teaching people that you don't need to accept things from the government like they have been handed down from up-high. Instill in men that they can make a difference, that there IS fraud and corruption out there that is enslaving them in a sense and it will light a fire in them to act!

The key is to not be afraid to speak out. Once you realize the stakes at hand you can decided what you are willing to sacrifice for the fight. I am a part of the voice! What is life without true freedom?

02-10-2005, 01:11 AM
Everyone, do me a big favor, and read through this . . . please have patience. There is a purpose to this post, even if it is purely a philosophical idea.

I came upon this site after 'discovering' save the males out of curiosity. . . I recieved the address written on a dollar bill as change from the Dunkin Donuts where I got coffee and a couple of cookies.

I always heard my grandfather and my mother talking about stuff . . . and I thought he was just a full o' shit old fart. And then, shortly after his death, I started to see the patterns he once spoke of . . . the kind of theories that started with the words, "next thing you know, they'll be [finish the statement]"

And I started looking at things with PURE logic. I never heard of the book 1984 or Brave New World until I was directed to newspeakdictionary.com while browsing this site. For an example, I knew that Affirmative Action was anything but something that was affirmative . . . along with other cancerous types of slogans . . .

Just Feminism alone . . . feminists are more masculine than most males today. Its an antonym, to say the least. REAL feminists would be talking about makeup and bathing suits and stuff . . . but what these so-called feminists really are are male chauvenists . . . except they don't have dicks. Its an obvious either a diesel-dyke movement (to all the dykes out there, no offense . . . but is it not true?) or an attempt to achieve a truly androgenous society. But I can't help but wonder if its just penis-envy at its best . . .

The point is . . . along with all the tabloid type posts such as "The earth is not moving" I can say that I am more educated than I was before. And I do believe that with all of the theories that there are in this forum, bullshit or otherwise, I can say that nothing is as it seems. They tricked America into this movement, and I do believe that most of the people on this site are being played like pawns. Many people on this site are playing right into the position of being ridiculed by the powers that be, because they believe everything they read. To these people, I ask that they turn the sensitivity of their bullshit detectors up a few more notches . . . but they get an A for effort.

So with this I say that there is a strength here. There are more people here than when I first signed up . . . hell, we even have some from 'the other side' here for sure. And no doubt, they are posting either erroneous posts, or they are trying to tear us apart on this level as well. "They" at the very least, are undoubtedly reading this site every day, so they can formulate a defensive before we can even go on an offensive.

For this reason alone, the internet doesn't work. We's have to build up a crown of literally 1,000,000 people to storm Washington DC as well as all the other capitals of the world in order to stop this.

With this said, and with it once being suggested to me, is the best course of action to just love God, and let the evil flames on this earth just burn itself out? Think about it . . . once the corporations have ALL the money in the world . . . what are they going to do with it? How can they produce anything if there is nobody to buy anything? If this was to happen, then all the corporations in the world would have no purpose anymore . . . and what happens when a thing becomes void of a purpose? It becomes OBSOLETE. It becomes much, much easier to discard it.

Is global poverty the real key to burn out the corporations? Does the government have an even bigger picture in mind than total control? If you look at it, the governments have NO control anymore. Corporations run the government, because they have all the money.

The American government, as an example, is broke. It's such-and-such billions in the hole, and it needs to pay back these debts. So they tax the corporations. if the corporations feel they are being taxed to much, the corporation threatens to move entirely out of America. Now since America needs this income, they reduce the taxes for the corporation, to keep the money in America, and in turn, there is a void that needs to be filled. So what happens? The American Government has no choice but to put a higher tax on the people.

I do not think its the fault of ANY Government at this point. I do think that the whole global control thing is strictly the idea of corporations.

Look at it like this . . . its more expensive to watch a territory the size of a whole continent than it is to watch a territory the size of 1/4 of a continent. However, just for an example, Sony has corporate locations in EVERY SINGLE CONTINENT IN THE WORLD.

Besides that, corporations invest money in all of our governments' research . . . and they expect a return on their investments. Just like the drug companies. Ever since they went public and up for trade on the stock market, and with the experience of curing Polio, you'll never EVER see a cure for anything again . . . Unless you're an elite.

Microsoft, Intel, etc. are already 20 years ahead of computer technology. They release it to the public in dribs and drabs for a dual purpose. So the government can have an unfair advantage (as well as themselves) . . . and so they can milk the shit out of the market. In both cases, its to make money.

So . . . if the plebes all the way up to the upper-upper class were broke . . . how long do you think the functionality of the corporations will last? Is this why the bible teaches that the meek will inherit the earth? Is it why the bible teaches that living a very meager lifestyle (i.o.w. impoverished) is good?

I know that not everyone is going to agree with me here, becasue it is not possible at all to do . . . but I've done some MASSIVE calculations . . . If all the people in the world, all at one time were to donate ALL of their cash and assets directly to a single corporation, that one corporation would more than likely, buy out all the rest of the corporations in the world. Once this is done, if all of the people that got paid from the transaction were to take all of this money and do the same thing, along with all of the governments and organizations, and the employees of this corporation . . . etc. Let me phrase this differently. . .

If there was one company that had, literally, all the money in the world . . . how long do you think the corporation would last? It would have no more purpose . . . it has fulfilled what it was created to do, it has ceased to have function, it would be the one thing in the universe that would have no purpose whatsoever . . . it would have LESS usability than tits on a bull, it would be even more useless than a vagina on a nun, the earth would be better off without the corporation moreso than a priest would be better off without a penis.

Now this will never happen, because no corporation will give all their money to another corporation . . . nor will anyone or any government give all of their money away. But the thought of 'what if' is sort of fun to think about. And this statement proves the point that even philosophy would have more function than an entity with, literally, all the money in the world.

02-10-2005, 06:12 AM
Hey DC.

I originally came here to post something vauge just so I could see my name down the entire forum list but you make a good point and write from the heart.

I often get very pissed off with my fellow humans.

However I believe they have woken up more than we know.

The mainstream media and others make an extra special effort to make us feel like we're the only fools reading and talking about this stuff.

I meet people all the time who are aware.

Once things hot up a little more you'll see the world begin to react in a big way.

There is a term in psychotherapy called 'the point of optimul frustration'.

It is at this point the helpless and depressed client straitens up in their chair and says..."fuck this, i've had enough of being depressed, i've had enough of feeling sorry for myself, i'm going to live".

I've posted a peice by Alex Jones at www.members.iinet.net.au/~falluga.

He gives encouragement by pointing out that if it was'nt for the giant unspoken internet community they would have locked us down.

I've reached a point of optimal frustration. I'm buying some camera equipment and organising some "conspiricy get togethers" over beer and a digital projector in a backyard.

Getting together with people is the key.

Grass roots movements dedicated to looking out for each other and knowing who the enemy is.

Best to all.

P.S You're all invited...BYO

02-10-2005, 09:29 AM
the sad truth is that the dumbing-down policies of the education institutions ,along with propaganda news outlets,have been remarkably successful. a very large segment of the population knows little ,if anything,about the constitution of the US and just how far from it the nation has drifted. the vast majority of federal government expenditures and activities are unconstitutional.how can this be? because the people are so woefully ignorant ,partly due,of course ,to apathy,but mainly because knowledge of how government works and familiarity with founding documents have disappeared .

i was talking to my realtor this week and i said that the federal government had usurped the power given to the states by the constitution and he said to give him an example. i said there is no provision for the dept of education ,that it says any power not expressly given the federal gov belongs to the states and the people ,and that oversight of education is not mentioned in the const.,and he says he doesn't agree.(he is a college graduate)how can you talk to someone like that? you can't convince them there is something wrong,let alone that it's been planned that way or toward what end.

we know about OJ and Britney and who won the super bowl and prince charles is marrying his long-time concubine .there is more in public school history books about marilyn monroe than about george washington ,more about martin luther king than about martin luther.people are fed BS by the schools and BS by the media and it's mostly accidental that any of us ever end up knowing anything at all. most people believe it's the job of government to regulate and control public life.many of these people are college-educated,so try telling them they're misinformed .good luck.

we are a tiny,tiny minority ,people and we don't know for sure what's happening,only that something most definitely is, and we argue over whether the earth is moving or not. even in this dedicated-to-conspiracy forum we cannot reach conclusions.the information is too complex,too well-hidden and mixed with disinformation,so that we can't really figure things out.without a massive,unified movement there will be no stopping this thing we call the New World Order and unity is something i don't see happening.

02-10-2005, 05:50 PM
I disagree Bill.

Watch the clip I put on my site.

America has certainly been taken over.

People are waking up. True, overseas more than the U.S but still waking up. Shit, go down to Texas and have the same discussion...you'll recieve a more positive response.

The backlash against the NWO has begun Down Under.

As for how accurate we are in whats going on...quite accurate actually.

Powers not too hard to understand.

Once the philosophical underpinnings of the NWO are understood it's manifestations become obvious.

A simple perusal of the historical record shows time and again the same old lines and the same old characters.

To be honest they bore me.

I wish they'd come up with some more original scams.

I believe the people will respond not with revoloution but with dropping out. They will form local groups to administer their lives, refuse to buy from corporations, home school, and generally say bye bye to the State.

A good example would be a battered wife leaving her abusive husband. She stops trying to change him and simply no longer gives him her energy.

The change will be grass roots. It will be local.

Take Flouride in the water for example. They wont take it out and they wont enter into a debate. So people simply go out and buy Revers Osmosis units with charcoal filters and do it that way. Recently in West Oz the government complained with all these R/O units the poor kiddies wont be getting their Flouride! Too bad eh?

In the papers down here studies are showing women dont want to work and instead want to stay home with their children, by about %70. Well the feminists have lost that one hav'nt they.

The local churches in Oz have become powerful anti NWO forces.

Things are happening. They're happening in your area too.

Try to seek out like minded people and form a support group in a spirit of fun. Dedicated to changing peoples minds one at a time.

In the end it's normal to get pissed off.

I always try to remember this line...

"They who have put out the peoples eyes reproach them of their blindness".

John Milton 1642

An awful load of energy goes into keeping the people ignorent.

The fact that the U.S is the greatest threat to the Elite means they must expend most of it their.

Take it as a compliment.

04-10-2005, 05:19 PM
The elite is doing a damned good job keeping people ignorant here in Amerika. I don't see people here waking up anytime soon. The churches are all creatures of the State, so there's no moral outrage to anything anymore. Case in point, Terri Schiavo- coverup story for Jeff Gannon story, though both equally offensive and damning against the government is completely ignored by the sheeple. :-P