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05-17-2010, 12:34 PM
Source: RonPaulForums.com banned me over one little post going against Race War! - USWGO Alternative News (http://uswgo.com/ronpaulforums-com-banned-me-over-one-little-post-going-against-race-war.htm)

Author: Brian D. Hill

RonPaulForums site, Liberty Forest is now Communist Forest!

All because I syndicate one post on there, and I have hundreds of posts on there and never said anything controversial and all I did was brought out how bad the Arizona immigration incident was getting, and all I brought out was how I was being given dirty looks simply because of what was happening in Arizona, and how racism is a very good elitist tactic to build a very large power base and now I am BANNED from RonPaulForums.com.

I bet the Administrator did not even read the whole post and must of assumed I am some sort of a closet racist, but if he had READ the entire article he would see that we all have mixed races in our bloodline and that it's stupid to be a racist.

I was speaking AGAINST Racism and some have flagged my articles as inappropriate and RonPaulForums.com has banned me simply because I was speaking against the racism at the Concord Mills Mall. I was only bringing out bad the Mexican-American tensions started by the controversial film Machete was getting. I wasn't trying to spew racism but more of put a stop to future Race Wars but instead of being given any kind of praise for being against racism being used as a division and conquering tactic, I WAS BANNED from the very forum I thought supported free speech and me being upset because of the Arizone tensions.

I make one little post, and I am sure the administrator did not read the entire post, and/or did not have a true understanding of what I was really talking about but just simply assumed I was out to spew racism instead of really reading it and realizing that Machete was causing race wars when they shouldn't be happening but the elite wants it to happen.

Alex Jones talked about the same thing where Machete was being used for a Race War and he never got banned from RonPaulForums although I am not sure if they like Alex Jones either.

I will be getting petitions ready to send to RonPaulForums asking them to unban me because that doesn't seem right that instead of simply deleting posts that they believe could cause problems they have misunderstandings and ban people without giving that person a chance to bring out what they really wanted to bring out, and that was the truth that if we don't talk and debate about the possibility of Race Wars they will happen and people will die and be raped by military soldiers.

Screenshots are below:

Yep so now Liberty Forest ain't so Liberty after all. Communist forest makes me wonder if they were upset that I was speaking against racism and wanted to keep this tension going.

This is nuts their forums are treating me like an enemy instead of going after those that instigated the race wars.

RonPaulForums ain't Liberty anymore folks!