View Full Version : hey, I was just interrogated at the post office for cashing in on a $75 Money Order

05-20-2010, 08:43 PM
Source: I was just interrogated at the post office for cashing in on a Money Order - USWGO Alternative News (http://uswgo.com/i-was-just-interrogated-at-the-post-office-for-cashing-in-on-a-money-order.htm)

Author: Brian D. Hill

Update: When the questions the Postal Interrogator asked were answered, the answers were that I run a non profit website and have advertisements on it, I never really known the full name of the person that sent me the money order and just that Igot it from somebody who worked at The Global Information Network (GIN). I had to tell the postal worker….aka interrogator that the money order was from me being he asked me more personal level and intrusive questions.

After hearing about this interrogation it gives a whole new definition to the song “I Always feel like somebodies watching me” where it says at one point “I feel like the mail mans watching me!”.

Today I was just interrogated like I was some sort of terrorist or money launderer at the Post Office by a Postal Employee over a $75 money order sent to me for my non profit political site USWGO. It wasn’t even a thousand, not even a hundred dollars but simply just $75 and I was interrogated like a criminal over that little amount of money while you can cash a $100 check at a bank and all they ever required was proof of identification and that was technically it.

The intrusive personal questions he asked me right after he required ID was “Who sent you the money order?” and “What was it sent for?”. He also stared at me and gave me the suspicion eye that police would usually give to suspected terrorists and criminals. Once he started asking several amount of questions I started feeling weird like I am some sort of criminal there.

Also at first when I showed up he denied that money orders are allowed at the Post Office. Then he allowed it through and started asking more intrusive questions such as “who’s it for?” when he should know who’s cashing in the money order in the first place.

I suspect it may have something to do with news I found after researching on Google about being interrogated by the Postal Service that 2 men robbed money orders at the post office.

If I am going to be treated like a criminal just for cashing in a money order I rather take checks to help support my non profit political cause.

I was scared he was going to ask what my website address was but if he did I am afraid to tell him because he may end up sending me to the back of the room to be held in a detention cell awaiting police to send me to jail over my political website getting a little amount of money to pay for equipment replacements, and to help pay for my website.