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06-02-2010, 08:58 PM
Source: Is the global elite planning a massacre with a massive Mexican American bloodshed war in 2010? - USWGO Alternative News (http://uswgo.com/is-the-global-elite-planning-a-massacre-with-a-massive-mexican-american-bloodshed-war-in-2010.htm)

Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: Is the global elite planning a massacre with a massive Mexican American bloodshed war in 2010? - USWGO Alternative News (http://uswgo.com/is-the-global-elite-planning-a-massacre-with-a-massive-mexican-american-bloodshed-war-in-2010.htm)

Mexican bloodshed against Americans doomsday prediction dates:

You may save this image as a reference
You may save this image as a reference

Mexicans may kill Americans on these two dates: Sep 16 2010, or November 20 2010.

It seems like the global elite always likes to well plan things, especially around good numerology dates.

Two examples right now are how the health care reform disform bill passed the senate to be signed by the president at around March 22 2010. That would match their numbers 322 and also The Georgia Guidestones Center cluster was erected March 22, 1980. That means that this health care reform disform will no doubt kill people.

Then the second weird date event was that the Oil Rig Disaster happened at around Earth Day. That's also a weird day just for a major oil disaster to just happen. Also Earth day is around April 22 2010.

Also September 11th terrorist attacks have happened at around 9-11-01 which is a well perfect execution of numbers and a perfect date of when to kill a bunch of people in order to jumpstart popularity for a police state.

but what about the Mexican Bloodshed that would happen in 2010 due to Machete fueling Race War, me being given dirty looks at my NC Concord Mills mall, a LA Teacher wanted to use the Northern Front to take America by force and overthrow the US Government, and the American students now being pre-conditioned that the American flag is taboo and offensive.

So what date would be perfect for the elite to start up a race war? Could it be 9/11 of 2010, or is there another date the elite may have chosen for bloodshed for the Georgia Guidestones.

Well lets look at the Mexican bloodshed curse that is true.

Now according to Wikipedia it says "The Mexican Revolution (Spanish: Revolución mexicana) was a major armed struggle that started in 1910 with an uprising led by Francisco I. Madero against longtime autocrat Porfirio Díaz. The Revolution was characterized by several socialist, liberal, anarchist, populist, and agrarianist movements."

Now that was a hundred years ago and according to it it was started by several anarchists (The elite paint police man as anarchists to jumpstart riots), liberal (Most liberals these days seems to love Obama), and socialist (The group that wants the government to decide whats fair for all of us denying our earning rights) groups. So the elite are trying to turn America into socialism and they are using liberals, fake anarchist groups to attack police, and socialism to further turn America into a communist police state and prepare us for the New World Order under the North American Union.

Now lets go onto 1810 and see what bloodshed happened then.

Now according to wikipedia, "The Mexican War of Independence (1810–1821) was an armed conflict between the people of Mexico and the Spanish colonial authorities which started on 16 September 1810. The Mexican War of Independence movement was led by Mexican-born Spaniards, Mestizos and Amerindians who sought independence from Spain."

So there was another bloodshed war fought in 1810 which cascades from 1910 and 2010.

Then I looked at Spain and it acts as though there was another event at around 1710.

According to the event at that year wikipedia says, "In 1710, the allies launched a final campaign in Spain, but failed to make any progress. An army under James Stanhope reached Madrid together with the Archduke Charles, but it was forced to capitulate at Brihuega when a relief army came from France."

Even the Ingrian War started at around 1610, and according to wikipedia it says "The Ingrian War between Sweden and Russia, which lasted between 1610 and 1617 and can be seen as part of Russia's Time of Troubles, is mainly remembered for the attempt to put a Swedish duke on the Russian throne."

So does all of this mean the possibility that the global elite could be planning a massacre in 2010, and will be able to not just use it to reduce the population but to also instigate martial law then socialism/communism.

I also found out the Mexican Revolution officially started on November 20, 1910. Also I found out that the Mexican war of Independence began at around Sep 16, 1810.

So does this mean there could be a Mexican massacre (Bloodshed war) at around November 20 2010 or September 16 2010 thats right close to 9/11. All we can do is speculate that it could happen on those very dates because since the elite seems to always be into numerology they will pick another special date for a FEMA level catastrophic event to instigate martial law, tyranny, and FEMA Camps. All they need is the perfect event and date set and the US Federal Government can strip away all of our rights.

If this Arizona incident and other incidents happen including, Illegal immigrants causing freeway accidents, threatening to murder Americans with gardening tools, and Illegal Immigrants wanting to abolish the Arizona immigration law which is actually copied from a immigration law already federal then what could happen is another bloody revolution or Race War sometime before the end of 2010. We have selected two possible dates when Mexicans may start hacking up families, chopping Americans into pieces, and start a bloody war against Americans.

If the elite have planned for there to be a Mexican American bloodfest then they will use this as a pretext to suspected the Constitution, start of the FEMA Concentration camps, and reduce the population by turning us all against each other.

Even the Mexicans were afraid according to a Time Magazine article saying that Mexicans fear 2010 cause of bloody revolts right before the Arizona immigration law incident ever happened.

If the numerology is right then Mexicans may start the terrorist attacks on September 16 2010 or November 20 2010.