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09-04-2005, 08:41 AM
And you thought I was a Grandiose and Arrogant twaddler.

Michael C. Ruppert

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September 2, 2005 0600 PST (FTW) -- Following these remarks is a brilliant piece of reporting by the American Progress Action Fund. It makes a clear case for what we are all now suspecting and seeing: the Bush administration is horribly mismanaging relief efforts along the Gulf Coast. Several things are now becoming clear. It is unlikely that New Orleans will ever be significantly rebuilt. When we talk about collapse as a result of Peak Oil, New Orleans is an exemplary – if horrifying – glimpse of what it will look like for all of us. In the case of New Orleans, however, it’s happening about two or three times as fast as we will see it when Peak Oil becomes an unavoidable, ugly, global reality.

How long? Months. If we’re lucky, a year.[So Mikey...this is your latest prediction. Like the Peak Oil catastrophe due 3 years ago? Or the just around the corner DRAFT? Or the impending and GAURANTEED invasion of Syria and Iran?]

As of August 2005 it’s not just a race to make sure that a particular region is not eaten by warfare and economic collapse. Mother Nature is obviously very hungry too. What region will be the next to go? What sacrifices can be offered before the inevitable comes knocking at our own personal door? Who can be pushed ahead of us into the mouth of the hungry beast in the hopes it will become sated?

How low can human beings sink? Keep watching the news. It’s not the first time civilizations have collapsed. This has all happened many times before. This behavior is not new. What is new — but is now dying — is our enshrined belief that there were to be no consequences of our reckless consumption and destruction of the ecosystem. What is now dying a horrible death is America’s grotesque global arrogance, brutality and cupidity.

What is not being discussed rationally by the mainstream media is Katrina’s impact on energy production. They don’t dare. By my calculations and those of oil energy expert Jan Lundberg, the United States has just lost between 20% and 25% of its energy supply. My projection is that it’s not coming back — at least not most of it.[Mikey...have you heard of WW2? Things get tough for a while. People cope. get over it you over the top fool]

As a result of Katrina, Saudi Arabia has finally admitted that it cannot increase production. Many of us knew they’ve been lying for at least two years. The Energy Information Administration has just admitted that global demand has been outstripping supply for several months before Katrina.[What bollocks. The trader/speculators have been killing the pig on twaddle in the vein pushed by Ruppert. He forgets to mention that the massive profits by Saudi and U.S oil companies flow directly to Wall Street]. Nice time to start telling the truth.[Truth according to oil industry people who are making a killing talking up the oil price with doom and gloom predictions]. Nature is finally calling everybody’s bluff.[No Mikey...HAARP is calling YOUR bluff] The liars, deniers and mentally ill[Thats anyone who disagree's with Mike] will be exposed soon enough and they will pay their own price. Daniel Yergin will finally get his comeuppance. FTW’s race is to reach as many people as possible who want to prepare and are willing to prepare for this in local community settings.

You save whom you can.

Gulf energy production has four main components: drilling and production, pipeline delivery to shore, refinery capacity, and then delivery to the rest of the nation. We have heard precious little about the damage to Louisiana’s Port Fourchon which is the largest point at which energy passes from sea to land in the region. It is heavily damaged and mostly inoperable for now, despite optimistic financial reports, intended to calm the markets, stating that “damage is minimal.” I am quite sure that I speak for the maybe 250,000 New Orleans residents who couldn’t or wouldn’t get out when I say, “Screw the markets!”

Production, if and when it starts trickling again, will most likely shift to Port Murphy or to Lake Charles. Sounds easy in the abstract, but the corporate headquarters at which to make and implement those decisions were mostly located in New Orleans. Shifting energy flows will never replace what was lost because those two facilities already face the daunting task of restoring their own output. They can’t handle the additional burden of compensation for what has been lost. As one astute and great researcher put it, “How will the oil companies even find their workers or tell them where to report for work?” Where will the workers live? Where will they buy groceries? How will they get to and from work if the gasoline they’re supposed to produce isn’t there?

The Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP) is also much more seriously damaged than press accounts disclose. It’s here that supertankers from overseas (used to) offload. They have no place else to do it. They’re too big. I have seen video of LOOP damage which doesn’t look anything like the minimal damage that’s been reported. OK, so when the port is fixed what about the damaged pipelines running to shore? How many boat anchors have been dragged over them? In how many places are they ruptured, crushed or broken?

As many as twenty offshore rigs have now been confirmed as adrift, capsized, listing or sunk. Each rig may have as many as eight wells. Where’s the money coming from to replace them? How long will that take?[Same place it always comes from Mikey...a printing press. Gauranteed due to the ridiculous price of oil and the MASSIVE profits flowing into Wall Street]

Bottom line: my assessment is that New Orleans is never going to be rebuilt and that US domestic oil production will never again reach pre-Katrina levels.[Not if the powers that be intend NOT getting back to those levels] The infrastructure is gone, the people are gone, and the US economy will be on life support very, very quickly.[Bush and Co are working on it]

If people are griping at $5.00 gasoline what will they do when it’s $8.00? $10.00? Start shooting (the wrong people)? How difficult is it to rebuild in that kind of social climate? And if US oil production does not soon exceed pre-Katrina levels then the US economy is doomed anyway.[So the U.S economy is built ENTIRELY on oil? Oz pays $5.50 a gallon. Europe far more and guess what? We're still here. Get your hand off it Mike] It’s a catch-up game now. I think it’s quite likely that the Bush administration is responding so ineptly in part because it is in a complete crisis mode realizing that the entire United States is on the brink of collapse and there’s very little they can do about it. The Bush administration doesn’t know how to build things up, only blow them up. They aren’t worrying about New Orleans because they’re frantically triaging the rest of the nation and deciding what can be saved elsewhere.[Yeh, thats why they're all on holidays Mike. Frantically shopping to prop up the economy]

What lingers for all of us is the inexplicably bovine behavior of the Bush administration. And how in the name of a loving God could Louisiana’s Attorney General Charles Foti say on national television that he will prosecute those who loot for survival with the same vigor as those who have looted for profit and greed? Even New Orleans police are smarter and better than this. They’re letting people go who have taken food, water, shoes that fit their feet and clothing that fits their bodies. Those who understand the situation condemn Mr. Foti’s callous and unreasoned position in the strongest possible terms.

And may God have mercy on the Democratic Party if it approaches the 2008 campaign with a platform saying that oil will flow, the prices will fall, and unbridled consumption will return if only we elect Hillary.[Thats exactly what they'll say Mikey]

I was on ABC network satellite radio yesterday and after the show I repeated an observation that has been clear to me for some time. “Demand destruction” has become a priority not only to mitigate Peak Oil but also to mitigate global warming. The United States, with 5% of the world’s people, consumes (wastes) 25% of the world’s energy. How do you destroy demand? You collapse the economy. Homeless, unemployed “refugees” (what a cold, depersonalizing term) don’t buy gas, take trips, fly on airplanes or buy consumer goods (made with energy and requiring energy to operate). They don’t use air conditioning because they can’t afford it. They are the embodiment of Henry Kissinger’s infamous term “useless eaters,” a phrase from the Nazi vocabulary. If energy demand destruction, as acknowledged by the Bilderbergers and the CFR, is a priority, then the only – I repeat only – beast that must be tamed is the United States.[Yes thats right Mike. Keep to the CFR script. You're doing well. How about calling for the U.N to send troops in Mike?]

What happens when we run out of the poor and “minority” people whom our country has historically regarded as expendable – and the beast is still not satisfied?

The people in New Orleans and Mississippi are being sacrificed just as surely as the World Trade Center, Pentagon and airline victims were sacrificed on 9/11.

The most chilling thing I have heard is that hurricane Katrina fell on the thirteenth anniversary of Hurricane Andrew which devastated Florida in 1992. Hurricanes are named alphabetically. Andrew was the first tropical storm of 1992. Katrina was the eleventh of 2005 and the hurricane season is just beginning. There are more storms forming now. Some of them will most likely become very large hurricanes because water temperatures are so high in our dying oceans.[Ever wonder why it is that the U.S is the ONLY country copping large numbers of hurricanes? We here in Oz get just as many but not near the amount of recent times in the U.S. I guess Global Warming is local? I'll ring a few scientists and we'll get a grant to study it...in Hawaii]

Go ahead. Tell me we’ve all been wrong about Peak Oil, about climate collapse, and the metastatic corruption of our government and economic system. Now it’s an easy bet and one that we will not have to wait long to settle. I’ll take your wager.[Cool. I'll take your wager Ruppert just as you have been dead wrong on EVERYTHING for the last 3 years.]

As New Orleans is showing us, and as Groucho Marx once said, “You bet your life!” [How about $50?]


Indeed. The U.S is headed for trouble but not because of Bush and Co's ineptness. In fact Bush and Co have done extremely well and are riding the U.S to ruin as ordered.

09-04-2005, 08:58 AM
Saw the article, it stretches one's cedibility doesn't it?

Have you heard that Ruppert has had some type of involvement with the Jesuits?

09-04-2005, 09:02 AM

Tell me more.

His stuff is ridiculous but in the end...in a round about way accurate, because the U.S is being destroyed by design. Not by ineptness or market forces but by specific design.

He is undoubtably a long term "sleeper" in my eyes.

Or, like "Cypher" in the Matrix...tired of eating porridge and keen for some Matrix steak. Sell out or Illuminati Agent...he's not helping Americans. He's certainly helping himself though these days. Money's good I hear.

09-04-2005, 09:30 AM
When I can find it I'll let you know, possibly confusing the allegation with another online reporter. Here follows is a link to an interesting story.


09-04-2005, 09:34 AM
A little bit of truth wrapped around a whole lot of fiction;

Sorry, but Katrina did not plunge into the Gulf Coast on the 13th anniversary of Andrew.

Yes, it was 13 years later, but not on the same day.

Do your math!!!

09-04-2005, 10:31 AM
I had time for Ruppert until the Peak bullshit started rolling.

It is such rubbish.

Africa alone is VIRTUALLY unexplored but they tell you there are no more fields to find. Are they serious?

Ruppert did not even know that Australia has some of the largest gas fields in the world. Really informed he is. Really on the ball.

I was talking to an oil industry man a month ago. He plans the costings for refineries and oil fields once the initial drilling data is in. The oil piggies are making a killing and having trouble keeping a straight face in public.

Saudi is pumping 9-11 million barrels a day. At $50 a barrel thats 4.5-5.5 billion dollars a day. Nice if you can get it. Cost at the well head is $1.40 per barrel. Get the gist. Pays for the war I guess. Saudi invests nearly ALL the profits in the U.S market.

Total OPEC production is 26million barrels a day...130 billion a day...just from OPEC. Big bickies for sludge that comes out of the dirt.

On the subject of Veerland...true, Ruppert has been loose with his standards but I believe the basic story. No one disputes that the note was locked up and authentic. As for the note being "anything"...it looks pretty clear that it refers to 9-11.

Veerland is in fact prime intelligence material. They employ druggies and shall we say slightly "whacky" personalities for the cause. Drugs and the Intelligence services are inseperable. The author makes it sound like it's pretty easy to get on the Pentagons phone list and even get yourself an office number. Please explain? Thats pretty good going...even if he did con them...how did he know how to do it?

I am willing to believe he was ONI and former Navy. He has gotton mixed up in the wrong crowd.

09-04-2005, 10:37 AM
"Saudi is pumping 9-11 million barrels a day. At $50 a barrel thats 4.5-5.5 billion dollars a day. Nice if you can get it. Cost at the well head is $1.40 per barrel. Get the gist. Pays for the war I guess. Saudi invests nearly ALL the profits in the U.S market."


"Mixed up with the wrong crowd."

Better to be a loner!! or lone wolf.

09-04-2005, 11:15 AM
truebeliever wrote:
I had time for Ruppert until the Peak bullshit started rolling.

Interesting point check this page out.


Russia is important to world energy markets because it holds the world's largest natural gas reserves, the second largest coal reserves, and the eighth largest oil reserves. Russia is also the world's largest exporter of natural gas, the second largest oil exporter, and the third largest energy consumer.

Read that they may have even more oil i.e. Siberia that's untapped and huge...

09-04-2005, 01:03 PM
KEEP HIDING THE OIL!! Pretend it's in short demand and there ain't any other places to drill for it.

Nice scam!!

09-04-2005, 01:25 PM
Ha,ha, ha, ha. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Great parody of Rupert, TB.

He is undoubtably a long term "sleeper" in my eyes.
...I had time for Ruppert until the Peak bullshit started rolling.

It is such rubbish.

Yes, Yes, HELL YES!!

...but the problem is he is just one asset on an overflowing balance sheet that the Illuminati have available to trot out and make this farce seem real.

09-04-2005, 01:45 PM
Homeless, unemployed “refugees” (what a cold, depersonalizing term) don’t buy gas, take trips, fly on airplanes or buy consumer goods (made with energy and requiring energy to operate). They don’t use air conditioning because they can’t afford it. They are the embodiment of Henry Kissinger’s infamous term “useless eaters,” a phrase from the Nazi vocabulary.

No, Mike, from the Kissinger vocabulary, you just said it yourself.

Yes, TB, HAARP is the word. They're playing God and their throwing huge stones in their glass house.

09-04-2005, 02:20 PM
They don't contribute to society. Their words not mine!!

09-04-2005, 08:16 PM
I'm convinced Ruppert is Bipolar - Manic Depressive. Or, just going through a stage. Apparently next week Mike will be writing an article entitled..."Nobody Loved Me: But Who's Laughing Now Bitches?"

As of August 31, 2005 FTW’s Science Editor Dale Allen Pfeiffer is no longer with From The Wilderness. Due to his success in bringing Peak Oil and gas issues to the public consciousness and as a successful novelist, FTW can no longer afford to pay Dale what he is worth on the open market and what he can command in other spheres. Dale has also expressed his desire to write in subject areas outside of FTW’s current needs. [Apparently he's writing self help books now - "How To Win Round Table Friends And Influence People"] FTW Publisher/Editor Mike Ruppert expresses his deep personal gratitude to Dale for the groundbreaking and unacknowledged pioneering research and reporting he has done over the last four years at FTW. Said Ruppert, “Dale may have saved more lives than history will ever acknowledge, but we know it, Peak Oil activists know it, and God knows it. We wish him and his family all the best.”[:cry: "Shane, come back Shane"]

As of August 31, 2005 Jamey Hecht moves from Assistant Managing Editor at FTW to the position of Senior Staff Writer where he will investigate and write critical survival and preparedness-based stories in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the onset of Peak Oil.[First book is titled - "U.N Emergency Powers Provisions: U.S Citizen Rights During Martial Law Period". Also..."How I Became A Stooge: The Michael Ruppert Journey With Foreward By Dr Phil".]

09-04-2005, 08:33 PM
Ha, ha, ha, ha. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Staffing changes, indeed. Corporate America buying Rupert's editors out from under him?
And how big an operation is Mikey runnng now? Wasn't it just yesterday that he was a back room conspiracy investigator and author, fighting Da Man and looking over his shoulder for covert retaliation? Now he has a staff of editors?
And I guess Eustace Mullins is just another exmaple of a poor schmuck who never figured out how to market himself....Not. It doesn't work that way for real purveyors of the truth.
Like I said before, the best lies are always wrapped in attractive facades of truth. First Rupert feeds us a lot of CIA drug-running info and some inside 9/11 stuff to get us hooked -- and then he's off to the races with Peak Oil -- and a whole editorial staff assisting him.
Give him a month and I bet he'll be running banner ads on his website for male erectile dysfunction products.

09-05-2005, 07:35 PM
You are insulting "useful" erectile medication FREEMAN!

I am moving from "idiot" to "illuminati plant" when it comes to Ruppert.

I second the below motion.

The Lies To Hike
The Price Of Oil
From David Icke's Email List

A more appropriate title for this piece would have been "Orchestrating Financial Collapse".

Admittedly the hardest part of observing the unfolding of a prearranged history is connecting the dots. More to the point, to be able to see how all things are connected and work in concert to achieve a desired goal.

So I'd like to throw some things out that the public at large doesn't know and never would. What I am about to tell is common knowledge in oil circles but the worker ants at the bottom of the pyramid never question what they see. I was an eye witness to what I am going to relate and there are a good many others who could come forward if only they will.

In 2000, I worked in the Gulf of Mexico for two different OSV companies that provided support services to the "oil patch". The two companies did very different work for the oil companies so I got to get an eye full.

The first thing that I'd like to expose is the fact that nearly all of the new wells in the gulf are immediately capped off and forgotten about. I saw well after well brought in only to see them capped off and left. Oil or natural gas it didn't matter. I asked a couple of petroleum engineers what exactly was going on and I was told by both (they worked for different companies) that there was no intention of bringing that oil to market until the "price was right".

That wasn't the only bogus thing that was happening. Seismic technology had developed to the point that they could not only tell the companies where the oil was but how much oil was there. All they had to do was go out and stick a straw in and suck it out. They didn't. Once again, the oil prices weren't right. When they are ready and want it they know right where to go get it.

Another lie I'd like to lay to rest is the one about all of the "terrible damage" done to the oil platforms and rigs in the gulf during hurricanes. This is how they justify the price spikes that occur because of lost production. If anyone cared to see this for themselves they could travel the entire Gulf of Mexico in search of destroyed oil rigs and they won't find any- not one. There is a damed good reason that this is so and that reason is that they are built so well that a hurricane can't touch them.

Think about it . If you're going to build something in an area where you are guaranteed to see 150-180 mph winds, storm swells up to 60-80 feet and it will happen year after year, how would you build them? Out of chicken wire and duct tape? Hell no and they don't. The platforms are designed to offer almost no wind resistance and the majority of platforms are at least 120 feet above the water level. They are built so well that several of them have suffered direct hits by watercraft of all sizes with little harm. They were damaged but they were far from destroyed.

The reason that I know how well they are constructed is because for awhile I worked with a company that salvaged derelict oil rigs. When the wells ran dry and the oil companies didn't need them any more the company that I worked for would buy them, take them apart, haul them back to land, refurbish and then resell them. It is an incredible process to take these things apart because they are constructed so

I've worked on the boats that hauled explosives to the job sites to speed the disassembly process.

Another lie regards the "burp" in the supply line. Oil companies are as stingy as any on earth and one of the ways that they cut costs is to eliminate the number of people that they need on a rig to keep it running. Most active wells are totally automated and require almost no human intervention. The oil companies have guys that travel from rig to rig via helicopter to check on things periodically but most never see
a human on them unless something goes wrong or some maintenance is needed.

During a hurricane about the only rigs that need to be evacuated are the drill rigs that have workers on them. The active wells and pumping stations are controlled by remote control from the shore and if it weren't for the evacuation of land based personnel from areas where there is danger from the hurricanes these things could continue to pump right through the worst hurricane.

So, regarding a burp in the supply chain there shouldn't be one and that is because most of the oil from the Gulf of Mexico goes to the refinerys at Port Arthur or other points in Texas and the tankers from the middle east go to Galveston to offload.

When oil moves across the Atlantic during hurricane season the tanker traffic may have to kill some time to let a storm get ahead of them but once it does they haul ass right behind it. Anyone who has seen how fast an oil tanker can move in open water will tell you that they don't dawdle around. Most of them can move around 30-40 knots and for a ship that size that baby is moving on. The only reason they would have to
kill any more time would be if a hurricane suddenly changed course and was headed for Galveston. So far this year that hasn't happened. So why the "break" in supply?

Everything that we hear about oil from the oil companies is a big fat lie. Have we hit "peak oil" as a good many insist that we have? I'll make a wager with anyone who would care to take the bet. I bet that when oil hits $100 a barrel (I have a hunch that's the target price) there will be no shortage. Any takers?

One of the most astounding things to watch when the elite swing into action is what I call conservation of movement. If you had three events that you wanted to set into motion you could apply the necessary pressure separately to all three to get them moving. Or you could do what these guys do and wait patiently until you see the right opportunity to apply the pressure in only one spot that will move the other two with the momentum from the first. The difference is whether something is pushed or pulled along. It"s as graceful as a ballet to watch in motion. No wasted motion, no wasted energy, it would almost be a thing of beauty if it weren't for the rotten purposes behind it all.

So for all of the kiddies that are waiting for their draft notices I would say don't bother, I don't think that there will be a draft. They won't need one. Since the all volunteer military came into being recruitment has always had an inverse relationship to the economy. The better the economy the harder it is to get recruits. We're facing a winter season in North America that may see heating costs equal to a family's house payment. If our weather is being controlled expect it to be a bad one. With $100 dollar a barrel oil on the horizon and the ensuing loss of jobs because of energy costs the military will be one of the only places a young man or woman will be able to eat on a regular basis and keep a roof over their heads.

The beltway fascists have said all along that there would be no draft because they wouldn't need one. Don't you have to wonder how they knew this (what is it you say- just a coincidence nothing to worry about)? God does work in mysterious ways. The neocons need cannon fodder for their war machine and lo and behold mysterious market forces drop it on their doorstep.

For another coincidence take a look at Social Security here in the US.Amazing how the price of oil began a sudden rise when it became apparent that the American people weren't going to allow their retirement money to be "privatized". When the carrot didn't work the stick wasn't far behind.

09-05-2005, 07:54 PM
So, would Ruppert be considered a "conspirator?" Is he conspiring with others to create a "conspiracy?"

Wrap a little truth around a whole lot of fiction.

Give them something to chew on!!

Suck them in!!


Throw out the big one!!

You would have to assume that people like Ruppert then are a part of agenda.


would you consider him, Freeman, as one who might be first to go!?!

Being used as a scapegoat??

They can always use the "conspiring against the government," can't they?

09-05-2005, 08:13 PM
would you consider him, Freeman, as one who might be first to go!?!

Being used as a scapegoat??

They can always use the "conspiring against the government," can't they?

He has already lost credibility within the conspiracy world. I expect his shelf life to be short once peak oil is exposed as a fraud to the mainstream. That shouldn't take long.
I haven't figured the end game plan with peak oil yet. If they shut it off forever, the world's economy will slowly devolve into an alternative scenario that could create pockets of independence.
I can't envision the elites supporting that.
So I have to believe that eventually the "good guys" turn the energy back on again -- in return for the one world government trap.
To me this is all one big squeeze play to force people into "the box".
And I stick by my assessment that once the box is filled, the lackeys who herded the sheeple into it will no longer be required. That includes Ruppert.

09-06-2005, 01:26 AM
FREEMAN...say after me..."I love Hillary".

You will need to. Soon she will be pushed forward.

Bush will be ABSOLOUTLY ripped apart over N.O plus his 3000 other stuff up's.

Hillary will come forward in a concillatory manner...preaching that the nation is in mourning. The nation is suffering and we must pull together. Democrats too are guilty of neglect.

The Fox channel will report that Hillary is looking very "Presidential", even if she is a Left wing dyke.

Others will comment as the dogs persue the fox that Hillary has shown great dignity while others bay for blood. Hillary will recommend certain things which turn a few economic indicators around. Wall Street will remark that for a women she shows "great economic nous".

And so it begins.

Amazingly...the oil will flow. The insurgency will cease with U.N intervention in Iraq. The U.S economy will "improve"...all when Hillary is the first female President of the United States. NO police state apparatus will be brought down. IN fact...with a smile on her face she will force through even more draconian legislation making the U.S a REAL on the practical level, Police State.

Enjoy the lead up. Lots more Bush stuff up's to come and possibly a few terrorist attacks.

But do not fear...Hillary is here!

09-06-2005, 05:09 AM
But do not fear...Hillary is here!

I expect Hilary to be one of the upcoming attractions, but if what you say is true, then she has to destroy her own political party in the process, since I believe like Bobby Garner, that the old political left is one of the impending casualties of the NWO.
Pure socialism in its most benign, benevolent form is anthema to the elitist agenda. That is why they push totalitarian communism instead. Even fascism is socialistic by nature of promising the people a substantial share of the national product. That's why Hitler called it National Socialism. And as we all know, Jesus was a socialist, not a capitalist.
Hilary is a capitalist/communist stooge fronting as a liberal socialist. So in order to do what you predict, she has to drastically alter or dismantle the existing Democratic platform.
I don't ascribe her that much credit, but time will tell. I am more likely to believe that she may receive the reins one last time to prove that the old leftwing approach won't work any better than neoconservatism.
But I could be wrong. After the Vince Foster incident, it has become difficult for me to assess the approval rating of the Clintons within the NWO.

09-06-2005, 06:15 AM
I think we need to clarify some terms.

Hitler was VERY close to Fascism. In the sense of it described as the "efficient and smooth flow of energies between Private Capital and the State. This flows into a smooth flow from Private Capital to the Private Citizen. It is characterized by "order". It is "nationalistic" as it seeks to look after it's own. It is "militaristic" in the sense that it looks after it's own and maintains it's strength through access to vital resources...taken by force or by agreement. In a way the Roman Empire fitted this description.

The U.S for the last 50 years inparticular has exibited NONE of these attributes bar militarism.

The U.S economy is centrist or statist in that it HEAVILY subsidises monopolies...rather like the inept criminal state of Stalin. But it is NOT a monopoly resulting in efficiency with shared Elite goals through class networks that cross the private and political divide. Rather, it is GROSSLY inefficient and works more like Organised Crime with various Oligarchs and criminal families creating chaos rather than an ordered society. This is largely a characteristic of the Left which operates from base instinct rather than "spiritual" principals.

Capitalists in the U.S inparticular are marxist/socialists in capitalists drag. They could NOT compete on a level field to save their lives. If true competition existed then you would be growing some wheat and cattle and exporting a few base resources. Thanks to a giant military budget, the U.S economy functions...barely.

Can anyone say that the U.S is an "efficient" combination of the Corporates and the State? It is simply a giant thug...more like the Mafia than Fascism. Filled with personalities and private ambitions.

The Neo-Cons are best described as Stalinists/Leninist/Trotskyites...or as I prefer to call them...Common Criminals, as were the thugs who destroyed the initial success of local control of resources after the Revoloution in Russia. Simple criminal Empire building.

I personally think there is little ideological definition in U.S politics other than organised crime principals based around personal greed and narcisistic loyalties...sometimes to foreign interests under duress. Simple power. Nothing more. Even Hitler had a vision for his people. To call Bush a fascist is ridiculous as I have come to see only fairly recently.

To restore order under a true police state, the international banking clique that has destroyed the American Republic will need a new face. The opposite of the neo-cons...Hillary is perfect. Internationalist in ideology and with little or NO loyalty to clan or tribe, she will do as she's told. In the end, their is NO difference between Republican and Democrat...both are dedicated to chaos due to personal loyalties and outright criminality.

Fuedalism best describes the New Order rather than socialism or fascism.

It is driven by pure power rather than ideological vision.

Again...nothing but PURE POWER drives. Occult and evil.

On re-reading i'm not making myself exactly clear...but I hope i have made some sense.

09-06-2005, 08:14 AM
I understand most of what you're saying, TB, but I try not to get bogged down in semantics.

I personally think there is little ideological definition in U.S politics other than organised crime principals based around personal greed and narcisistic loyalties...sometimes to foreign interests under duress. Simple power. Nothing more.

That pretty much sums it up. Yet there are significant idelogues within both parties who espouse entirely different ideals than the party leadership. Bush and the neocons have effectively destroyed the ideological base of the Republican Party (which was in a catch phrase, small government). Hilary could only do the same to her own party if she ascends to the presidency and caters to the Illuminati. I believe that somewhere down the line this third Hegelian alternative has to manifest itself. If the NWO keeps trying to gnaw away parasitically at both parties from within, it risks exposure by reformist elements in each party. It (the NWO) must utilize the dissatisfaction it is generating throughout all strata of American society and create a statist political phenomeonon like Communist Russia or Hilter's Nazism.
Three fourths of the populace of this nation already hate Hilary, all of the Republicans and half of her own party. Even if she works the economic voodoo you suggest, there is no way she can deal with the funny-money debt that the central banksters have buried us with. At some point that debt has to be exchanged for the feudal control you suggest, and the people will be given the sales pitch straight from John Lennon's Imagine lyrics, i. e., that they will be better off with "no posessions, nothing to kill and die for".

09-06-2005, 08:29 AM
Yes...i wont be bothering again.

Whatever...good luck over there.

I have lost alot of the surety I felt on the subject in the last few days.

I cant predict things with any acuracy without smelling the atmosphere for myself in person.

My own country has it's own problems. But I can still not understand how ANY political party could allow a man like Bush to run for Prezzie. All jokes aside...what is it about America that a man like this can get elected in the first place?

I think i'll retire from predictions.

Aching for some land well away from the rest of the world.

09-06-2005, 09:30 AM
what is it about America that a man like this can get elected in the first place?

Total Masonic control of our system from top to bottom. Believe me, I know as a former non-Masonic business person who endured twenty years of slow starvation and finally treachery at the hands of the local fraternal warlords.
We can't even get a law passed through our congress like the UK requesting that Masonic membership of police and judges be made public (though a useless law it is). We can't even discuss Freemasonry openly in any public forum.
You cannot hold a part-time job at the local post office without being in the Craft. Our entire middle class is now composed of government employees (Limbaugh even admitted it), and I will wager you that at least 98% of those individuals are Freemasonic.
There is already a complete secret conspiracy intact that controls money and power -- and the political process.
It is that simple.

09-06-2005, 10:56 AM
freeman, a question:
I know that Masonry is widespread in the south of the US, even among churches, but what about other regions, like the Southwest and Northeast ?

09-06-2005, 12:10 PM
freeman, a question:
I know that Masonry is widespread in the south of the US, even among churches, but what about other regions, like the Southwest and Northeast ?

I believe it is most powerful in the Northeast, since that is where the "old money", or the original American aristocracy settled.
Maybe a small pocket of resistance in the Pacific Northwest, especially the Idaho crowd; however, the Southwest and Midwest are laden with Masonic lodges; the South is just more noticeable because of the Klan, which was actually an offshoot of Freemasonry devised by the great fat pervert Albert Pike.
In most areas of the country, Freemasonry goes to great pains to disguise its membership and influence. For instance, I have friends and relatives who have lied to my face about their involvement.
But it is normally correct to assume that anyone in this country with any wealth or influence is a "made man". In fact, our Mafia functions in a subsidiary role to the Craft. The Mafia is merely the strongarm division of Masonry, while its capas report directly to Freemasonic/Illuminati superiors. That is why after decades of denying that there was any organized crime in America, former FBI director and 33rd Degree Mason J. Edgar Hoover was finally forced to acknowledge the Mafia after the Appalachin convention and Joe Valachi's congressional testimony, but he never connected the obvious dots to any other secret society.

09-06-2005, 06:57 PM
You Americans are a strange lot. I mean that in the nicest possible way.

I cannot grasp the concept of such "secrecy" permiating all levels of society like that.

How did the U.S become SO materialist? Even your cities and town locations are laid out in PERFECT grids. You are in many ways...more German than the Germans!

I sense that this is a psychological state that has been thrust on you rather than a natural state.

Also, your army is simply TERRIBLE at quelling the natives unlike the British. Absoloutly terrible. I have heard horror stories from British and Australian servicemen of begging not to be attached to American units during WW2, Korea and Vietnam. It's not that Americans ar'nt brave or smart, it would seem at a base level, running off to fight wars is NOT in the average Americans nature. Unlike pathetically "colonial" Australians who LUUUUUUVE running off to war. I simply dont believe Americans are interested nor possess the psychological state for Empire building. They must be virtually "abused" into it.

At times, the decisions of American leaders seem more interested in creating simple chaos and abusing their own population than winning any battles.

Can we blame materialist/rationalist Jew influence for this entirely? It would seem that the Pilgrims exibited these traits long before the Jooooooze moved into New Yawrk...

I would love to spen 6 months smelling the air in the U.S. To get a feel for the place. Would you believe when i rang the airlines they wanted square bits of paper with numbers on it to get their! What sort of a system is this!

09-06-2005, 08:13 PM
I cannot grasp the concept of such "secrecy" permiating all levels of society like that.

Neither could I until a few years ago. They do an exquisite job of concealment, unless you really challenge the limits. To do that you have to have an "abnormal" personality, nonconformist and intellectually inquisitive. That was always my downfall, and I have the old school report cards with unsatisfactory socialization marks to prove it.
I never accepted things at face value and always had a nagging suspicion that those in authority were not being straight with me. But I never imagined how pervasive this Masonic conspiracy really was until it bit me in the arse.
Most Americans never progress beyond that first level in the Idaho Observer article someone else posted. It is a conformist, materialistic society, and guilt and depression runs rampant when most people discover they cannot achieve the unrealistic goals and standards imposed upon them as measures of success. This represents the system's built-in control mechanism, i. e., everyone feels inferior for not being able to crack the ranks of the elite, because they have very little understanding of just how stacked against them the game really is. Ex-Nazi defector Howard Campbell wrote some incredibly lucid observations about the American cultural phenomenon. Kurt Vonnegut reprises a lot of them in his Slaughterhouse Five.
The Pilgrims, The Protestant Ethic and Masonic Illuminism were all contributing factors to this uniquely flawed socioeconomic model, but it is best summed up by the old adage that America is the worst country in the world to be poor in.
If you ever succeed in acquiring those little square bits of ariline paper, I would be happy to give you a guided tour, TB. I sense that we are very different from you Australians, especially when it comes to asserting ourselves and standing up to authority.

09-07-2005, 12:40 AM
I sense that we are very different from you Australians, especially when it comes to asserting ourselves and standing up to authority.

Australians have a reputation as loud mouthed, anti-authoritrain convict types. This is valid at times, however...why is it, whenever the Elite call from accross the other side of the world, those same anti-authoritarin Australians come running like the colonial slaves they are?

Why do they love to hate the poms but get all excited when the Queen or one of her rat bag relatives come visiting?

Why is it English Officer's begged not to be attached to Australian divisions in WW1 because they were universally hated by the Aussie grunts and were often told to "fuck off" when giving orders...but this same rabble simply cant help itself and runs when Mother calls?

How anti-authoritarian can Australians be when the dorkiest Primeminister we've EVER had...feted as a liar and a cheat and lover of the Elite...gets re-elected in a landslide? And dont blame vote fraud as it's practically impossible here.

20 years ago you told the boss to fuck off coz the surf was up.

You will never come accross a more cowed and materialist society that still loves to believe in the myth that they are kick ass anti-authority crocodile wrestlers...when in fact they are fat lazy slobs.

Whats worse? To know you have a lying son of a bitch for a leader and still vote him in...or simply be blind and brainwashed to it as Yanks on the whole appear to be.

Our greatest oppurtunity came in a right wing socialist called Mark Latham or "Bruiser" to those who loved him. A large man physically and prone to breaking taxi drivers arms (i kid you not:-D). VERY smart and VERY much a nationalist who encouraged pride in ones community and country. He called "W", in the Oz parliament..."the most dangerous U.S President in living memory". He also called Howard and the Liberal Party (Republican in nature) a..."conga line of arse lickers" when it came to following "W" to war. He challenged John Howard for the Priministership and was soundly thrashed by the Oz electorate who found him too "volatile" to be "leader"...instead we get a whining sycophant in John Howard who is a complete embarressment. Thats you're anti-authoritarian convict blood...my arse.
The secret societies are still largely the domain of the Elite here in Oz. It is VERY conservative but still as evil as the next.

As the economic monster tightens it's grip on the peasants, we will see how long Australians remain "rugged individualists", in no need of the protection of group think and membership for better economic prospects.

If you ever succeed in acquiring those little square bits of ariline paper, I would be happy to give you a guided tour, TB.

Be careful, I may take you up on it. I may wrestle a few Gators for you...as you do down here...according to the telly.

P.S I may also teach you the ancient art of "Phone Throwing - Street Fighting". As extolled by Russel Crowe.

09-07-2005, 04:59 AM
P.S I may also teach you the ancient art of "Phone Throwing - Street Fighting". As extolled by Russel Crowe.

Mel Gibson, Paul Hogan and even ol' hot-tempered Russel are still considered lightweights by Hollywood standards, at least compared to guys like Chris Farley who was in and out of rehab over 100 times before he choked to death on his own vomit ODing on coke at 3 AM, while the prostitute he hired stood by and took pictures to sell to the tabloids instead of calling for help. I would say that we Americans wrote the book on debauchery, except that the vast majority of us aren't even literate.
As far as the love of the Australian people for the pageantry of royalty, I wouldn't be too concerned, TB. Just review chapter 15 of Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities, and you'll understand what I mean. Even the Jews only scheduled Palm Sunday a week in advance of the crucifixion.

09-07-2005, 05:56 AM

I once worked at a pub with an ex LAPD copper. He shook my hand one night and said that Australians were definately more terrifying in full swing than L.A gang bangers...just without the guns! Although...thats changing now.

09-07-2005, 06:54 AM
That's perfect, TB...I ALWAYS thought that Americans are just like Germans who talk too much ! The difference is that the Germans and the Swiss and grouchy and grumpy and tell you in your face what they think, while Americans say I love you after 5 minutes but never get close really.
It is interesting that they like the image of rebels, but their society is one of the most controlled in the world...rules, rules, rules...when someone calls you Sir, you can bet you will get a reproach for breaking some rule...it's 11:01 AM and we are not supposed to serve you breakfast after 11:00 AM even if you were on line for 10 minutes, SIR...I know he is just a little 6 month old baby but his name is in the terrorist list and he can`t board the plane..."SIR"...
In the first year I lived there I argued with everybody (I thought it was prejudice because I was a foreginer) but soon enough, when I saw that they did that to everybody, I just gave up. The rebel image of America is one of the greatest lies ever told. Sometimes the corruption and mess that Brazil is feels refreshing in comparisonn.

09-07-2005, 07:06 AM
I want to understand how the country that came up with the American Constitution and Bill of Rights ended up this way?

09-07-2005, 07:20 AM
I have a theory...from the beginning, the country was each one for himself. Go West, Young Man ! Get a piece of land, get a gun to defend your land and your rights. Get rich. Individualism.
Economically, this is fantastic. It made them into the richest country in the world.
However, Americans now are born into a competition. Since birth, they compete with each other ALL the time. It is the only country I know that teach kids to debate each other in school ! Then it is the dean's list, the promo queen contest, the honor societies, etc, etc. Competition, competition.
In a world where everybody is against you, you need rules so people don`t cheat. In a sense, this is good, because it promotes fair play (Americans are an honest bunch). But when it is exagerated by individualism, it creates a fight where every group wants their protection and then when you realize it, society has been flooded with rules, rules, rules, because there is no group cooperation, no solidarity. Americans live in a constant tension between the urge to get ahead of others (the temptation to win even if you have to cheat) and the internalized need to obey the rules and comply with the system. It is a very neurotic thing that explains why Americans are the way they are.
Of course now many of the groups who see that the American dream doesn`t work for them, like the white trash people or the blacks are simply breaking all the rules...hence the millions of people in jail.
My wife used to say that Brazilians break the law to cheat on you, and Americans cheat on you using the law. It explains a lot.

09-07-2005, 07:40 AM
That is a recipie for disaster.

It is like a dysfunctional family.

Is this why Americans are in love with "family" and "apple pie" and "forrest gump"? Because they want to get away from the harshness of such a draining and competitive existence?

I suffer alot because Australia is RAPIDLY heading in this direction. This is a way of living that is alien to me. It is ruining Australia.

Beyond the machinations of the New World Order...this way of living gaurantees social breakdown.

09-07-2005, 08:58 AM
exactly...family values are the last trench against the anxiety of so much competition. Of course we are talking about the couple and the kids, not extended family, grandparents, uncles , etc. It is the artificial ChuckCheesy family.
You have to understand that being a "loser" is the worst possible thing that can happen to an American. Since most people turn to be losers, it is really hard for you to live happily there. Then comes the food addiction into play...in most other countries, fat people are usually happy guys, sensual people who love food...in the US, the fat ladies are tough as nails and angry. Food is a way to get rid of depression, frustration and anxiety of being a loser, while appearing tough at the same time.
Other ways are to go "postal" and kill a dozen people at work. Remember the movie with Michael Douglas where he goes nuts? That`s when the loser finds he can`t play the toughness game anymore and freaks out.
Yet another way is to believe in radical things like survivalism, UFOs, cults or such things that you only find in the US. Or, if you are a loser, at least you find solace in the thought that at least your country , your army and your president are tough and strong. That's why so many Americans like Reagan or Bush...because they love to be part of a winning nation, something that helps them to overcome the loser state they are in their private lives.
Man, I know some very nice and good Americans, but I feel so sorry that they can`t relax, that they are always so tied to this system that they just can`t enjoy life.

09-07-2005, 10:14 AM
This confirms for me what I have already thought out. That Americans are victims of a system thrust upon them as opposed to some ingrained stupidity. I see it happening before my eyes in Australia. The dog eat dog Darwinist view of existence...totally materialist and applied through the mechanism of economics.

This supports my own view that the U.S economy has little to do with Capitalism and a whole lot to do with Marxist/Leninist ideology.

Sound far fetched? When your entire existence is based around the gathering of material wealth and widgets and your personal worth is measured by "output" - "input" data with associated bar graphs. When your entire existence is "measured"...you have entered the world of the far left ideolouge. In abstract and concrete terms.

I think...

**No American feelings were harmed in the process of this exchange.

Feel free to criticize Australia...God knows I do...

09-07-2005, 10:19 AM
Also...getting back to Ruppert. If he's not a plant...i think he just wants a little bit of the American dream. Hence the sell out.

He's tired of camping out in the wilderness.

Get a hold of "The Assassination Of President Nixon" starring Sean Penn. He deserves an Acadamy award for his performance. It addresses these issues of family breakdown and the destruction of the soul of a man through having to lie for his daily bread. Brilliant.

09-07-2005, 11:43 AM
I want to understand how the country that came up with the American Constitution and Bill of Rights ended up this way?

That was never anything but BS. The founding fathers were not moral Christian gentlemen, but almost exclusively monodeistic Freemasons. Freemasonry makes a great pretense about "giving the world democracy", when it is actually the most bigoted, sexist, hierarchical cult in the history of the human race. No individual member has any authority to challenge a Master or even a fellow member on any moral grounds other than breaking the blood oath or telling secrets. It's all smoke and mirrors, and the Craft's members are ultimately brainwashed into a multiple personality syndrome not unlike the MK Ultra programming. They show one face to the public and another to their brethren.
To really understand American history, you need to study the Colonel Morgan scandal of 1828 and how it affected the nation. Freemasonry was actually driven underground for several decades as a result of the public outrage. (Even today Masonry, while rejuvenated with a vengeance, is still kept out of the public eye as I described earlier.) The public backlash to the Morgan incident was the last true expression of American individualism and moral outrage. As the Industrial Revolution dawned by the twentieth century, the sudden infusion of wealth and materialism created the ideal environment for reassertion of Freemasonic control. Then the mass media took over the job of keeping the sheeple hypnotized and inert.
Now every effort is made to suppress any reminders of America's early pioneer spirit. For instance, there are almost no Westerns produced by Hollywood anymore, and almost any movie, show or even animated cartoon utilizes an ensemble cast to further encourage the idea of collectivism as opposed to individual action.

09-07-2005, 06:07 PM
You ask a tough question TB, I suggest that much energy has been used against America for a long time, banksters mining the public.

Violence, and class separation have always been a feature.

06-13-2006, 10:06 PM
Recieved some industry mags from a mate in the mining game regarding GIANT oil and gas fields off and on the West coast of Oz. VAST...MASSIVE...HUGE... you get the picture. I guess theirs nothing like $70 a barrel oil to get you looking.


"...during the entire 50 year history of onshore exploration in Western Australia, only 500 exploration wells have been put down. In contrast to this, more than 2000 wells are drilled in Texas every month."

[Africa had about 3000 wells. South America not much more. So, theirs no more oil to be found? The "Peak Oil" crowd are a complete and utter joke. Thats you Ruppert. Repent!] :-D

"Our vast onshore basins are not only under explored, they are untouched in many promising places," Mr Tinapple said. "And the potential is their for some huge resources to be found," he added."

PROSPECT: Western Australias International Resources Development Magazine. December 2005-Febuary 2006.

Page 3. "Petroleum Bonanza: Western Australia Is Now A Major Target For Oil And Gas Oppurtunities."

I am really sick of being treated like a right royal idiot on this issue. You should be too. For effect they have highlighted GIGANTIC swathes of the West Oz coast for effect. Thats a few hundred billion barrels of oil folks. I might add I must be gifted as I first heard of them 20 years ago. News travels slow in the oil and gas industry? :-)

Their is SOOOOOOO much oil and gas they dont know what to do with it. Actually thats a lie. They know exactly what to do with it - create artificial scarcity and then charge the suckers %1000 on the production costs. I want in!!!!!

For more on my favourite subject...

Link To "Things Are Getting Curiouser And Curiouser Down Under". (http://www.clubconspiracy.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=499&forum=10&PHPSESSID=7237c572dc1186e0233e754d79209d45)

"The End Of Oil Is Closer Than You Think"...and other scams... (http://www.clubconspiracy.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=1216&viewmode=flat&order=ASC&start=0&PHPSESSID=7237c572dc1186e0233e754d79209d45)

Ruppert Speaks Or "Spews" Again. How Much Bullshit Can This Man Put On A Plate & Tell You It's Gravy (http://www.clubconspiracy.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=1780&forum=17&post_id=14734&PHPSESSID=7237c572dc1186e0233e754d79209d45#forumpo st14734)

One more thing. Western Australia is in the grip of the most gigantic resources boom in the history of the world. Will their be an economic collapse? Hmmmmm...

Oz is the NWO bunker. Collapse and war in 2011. Bet the house on it.

BTW...have a nice day...:-)