View Full Version : USWGO Now reports bugs in walmarts food (Literally!!!!)

06-12-2010, 10:11 PM
Source: For those who shop at Walmart the next item on the menu, bugs' n donuts - USWGO Alternative News (http://uswgo.com/for-those-who-shop-at-walmart-the-next-item-on-the-menu-is-bugs-n-doughnuts.htm)

Author: Brian D. Hill

When you check out Walmart for their Deli, their fruity delights or their vegetables/fruits remember you may find fruit flies and maggots on them too.

When I went to Walmart to go grocery shopping and look for a new laptop because I just lost my old one to a drink spill (Right now I'm using my netbook) so after I was checking the prices of laptops I went grocery shopping and when I was around the deli area which also has both fruits/vegetables and doughnuts/pastries, almost all of the doughnuts in the individual doughnut selection cases have fruit flies all on them and so I decided I didn't want any doughnuts after all and so my mother whom I went shopping with told one of the Walmart employees about the fruit flies inside the doughnut selection cases all into the pastries within them that weren't enclosed as good as the pies and enclosed doughnut cases are.

The Walmart employee knew about the fruit flies and even said they are all in the Deli area as well so this means all of meats there could have fruit fly eggs and larva/maggots in there. I knew that if a health inspector ever found this out the Walmart located in Mayodan of North Carolina would probably be shut down or at least just their deli and pastry area.

I know bringing out this report could generate hatred from Walmart but if I didn't bring out this report someone else will because the fruit flies are all over the doughnuts for everyone to see and I wish I had a camera to get pics but I'm sure the Walmart Security team would come after me because the fruit flies all over the deli and doughnuts is an embarrassment to Walmarts corporate establishment.

The other items that have enclosed packages have no fruit flies or larva eggs but after what I saw I never want to purchase meat or even doughnuts at Walmart ever again. I trust 711's doughnuts more then walmarts.

This was not due to any investigation but simply a discovery while at my local Mayodan Walmart. They don't know about this report yet but if they do they will surely get mad at me but again if I didn't report on this another would have. I had no intent to bring out reports like this but after seeing Walmarts lack of sanitation of the doughnut region it makes me question Walmarts sanitation.

It makes me wish I really had my camera totake pics of the fruit flies all over Walmarts pastries but there is a lot of witnesses that can clearly see the fruit flies munching all over the Walmart doughnuts and even the employees knows but don't even know what to do about the bug crises in Walmart.

Besides they have cameras all over the store they would have noticed and took me away if I took pics.