View Full Version : President of Kyrgyzstan is probably Japanese.

07-05-2010, 07:44 PM
President of Kyrgyzstan is probably Japanese.

In protest of corruption, Protesters took control of a government office in Talas, and clashes between protesters and police in the capital Bishkek turn violent on April 6. The then president Bakiyev left Kyrgyzstan for Kazakhstan. He was probably Japanese.

After the turmoil, Roza Otunbayeva was named as President by the Kyrgyzstan's interim government on May 19. However, May 19 was April 6, according to the Japanese calendar.

April Conspiracy Calendar (http://book.geocities.jp/conspiracycalendar/01/m/04.html#0406)

Otunbayeva was sworn in as the president of Kyrgyzstan on July 3. However, July 3 was the day when Ono no Imoko was dispatched as envoy to the Sui court in China in 607. Ono no Imoko is a well-known historical figure in Japan. And, she is probably Japanese, too.

July Conspiracy Calendar (http://book.geocities.jp/conspiracycalendar/01/m/07.html#0703)