View Full Version : Lindsey Lohan and Obama

07-22-2010, 12:21 AM
Just so you know.

WE don't care about Lindsey Lohan and her troubles so you can stop reporting about her.

America is more concerned about the "average JOE' and their economic turmoil and not the rich and famous and their "so-called" hardships.

We want to know what OBAMA is doing to stimulate the economy and create jobs for the many Americans who aren't rich and famous and are suffering in this economic disaster.

That's what we care about.

So, please, YAHOO, kindly report about the significant and not the insignificant such as Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Aniston's new perfume.

We'd prefer to know, to all newsgroups who report, as to what it is that OBAMA is doing to turn this economy around by creating jobs for the American citizens who are unemployed and suffering a financial crisis and for those seeking employment out of college and otherwise cause I ain't seen nothin' yet from HIM other than HIS bail-out of the big corporations such as the automobile industry and the financial institutions.

It's time to give the American people a BAIL-OUT!

08-21-2010, 07:04 PM
Whenever Obama tries to help the common man, he is label a communist or socialist. Universal healthcare was done to help the common man. The elites use fear to rally the masses to oppose any help Obama may try to give to the masses.