View Full Version : Aren't they hypocrites?

09-02-2010, 05:25 PM
Surely all the well-known names in the truth seeking world, who attack the f'd
up financial system, World bank and government etc are funding their alleged enemies by selling dvd's, books and the like at huge 4000% mark up.
And to top it off the majority of transactions are by VISA!

I see visa as one of the worst promoters of stupid, unnecessary spending even running adverts despite their almost total monopoly on electronic commerce. doesn't matter what you buy just buy! buy! buy!

I cant deny ian crane, richard d hall, d. icke etc have played a large part in my current state of understanding the workings of the world but does any one bother looking into their company returns/profits?

There are certainly many crusaders who do practice what they preach, but is that just for now until they are in a position to be able to start profitting from the fears of those who cant unravel events themseves?

This is the second forum i have joined, was banned immediately for raising this point on david icke forums, by a moronic moderator who behaved just like the little costumed nazis ol' dave is always berating.
He likes to show true freedom of speech by shouting about the peadiphile politicians (I couldn't agree more) but his site wont allow a question about this relevant topic?

And does Ian R Crane look like he survives on seeds and raw veggies as he suggests?

Don't mean to get personal, I'm a long way fron lithe but come on?