View Full Version : Talking Head: Chris Matthews

10-01-2010, 10:36 PM
You asked Bob Woodward the other night on your program if Obama was in control of the military.

Since you don't know that Obama isn't in control of the military, I suggest you resign from your talking head job and that Bob Woodward refrain from writing any more books pretending to know that he knows what is going on because he is apparently an "INSIDER" whom the PTB use by allowing him exclusive access inside the White House and telling him whatever they want to tell him so he can write books about it; sell them to the American people, pretending to speak the truth about our government; making millions in the process and continuing to be labeled as the JOURNALIST GOD who knows all about our government because of his DEEP THROAT informant.

You and Woodward continued in dialogue about the ten year Afghanistan war and how the greatest military power on the planet is unable to defeat them and how you haven't a clue why not.

The word "TOOL" comes to mind for both of you as do the words "EXPIRED," "OUT OF DATE," "INCONSEQUENTIAL," and well, just "OUT OF TOUCH."