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10-15-2010, 06:29 AM
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura Season 2

Jesse Ventura is one of my most favorite people on the earth. He is one of the few people that have the guts and determination to go on network television news and tell it like it is to the mainstream media news.
In a time when news anchors applaud themselves on how they can get their interviewees to “shut up” and accept the anchor’s point of view Jesse will not shut up.
On Friday October 15, 2010 Jesse Ventura’s show Conspiracy Theory will come back on the air with season 2 on Tru TV. What will be the topics?
The topics will include the alleged missile attack on the pentagon, Area 51, bio warfare at Plum Island, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and the BP oil disaster.
If the American people got together Ron Paul would be running for President with a running mate of Jesse Ventura as Vice President.
Make sure you don’t miss it. In a time when the mainstream media is filled with reality fluff shows, and shows about celebrity body parts, it is good to know that one show is willing to get close to the truth.

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