View Full Version : Russian Mafia ..Who U think let them "FLOW" freely to US ??

11-12-2010, 09:23 AM
They Are Considered the "Mark Of Cain ????

EYE POPPING tatoos !!!!!!.....CIA>>>>>>>>FBI>>>. ...........Did U know they are jewish ???

After communism was destroyed, there was an economic and social void - this was obviously a perfect opportunity for the already established Russian Mafia to step in and take over by providing jobs and a means of income for all the young men in Moscow, Kiev, and Saint Petersburg who were severely impacted by the fall of the Soviet Union. More so, joining the mob became an easy way of getting cash for many ex-KGB vets from the Afghan War who came home to a communist free Russia.
In the late 1980’s the Russian Mafia started to stretch it’s grip out towards Europe and America, with notable communities and operations set up in Israel, Paris, London, the infamous Brighton Beach in Brooklyn (which most people think of when they refer to the Russian Mafia in America) , along with areas of New Jersey, Philadelphia, California and Florida, Louis Freeh, head of the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), said recently the Russian mafia was the greatest threat to US national security although he later withdrew this comment (I wonder why?)
“Italian organized crime in America is a pimple on a horse’s ass compared with Russian organized crime in America—and globally,” says Robert I. Friedman, author of a new book on the Russian Mafia.

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