View Full Version : Why are American soldiers dying in Iraq: Israel wants another pipeline

09-10-2005, 03:52 PM
<a href="http://judicial-inc.biz/Operation_Matador.htm">"Operation Matador"</a>


May 1, 2005

A Marine division leveled border towns on the Euphrates river between Iraq and Syria. The excuse was, Muslim fighters were tunneling into Iraq.

The real reason was, Israel wants the US to build a new pipeline from Iraq to Haifa. Israel will let our marines die, to establish bases, to protect their oil pipeline.

We blew up their towns


And Here Is Why

Israel wants another pipeline



Why are Americans dying in Iraq?

There are two reasons. One is we eliminate Israel's enemy, and the second is 30% of the world's oil sits in Iraq, and Israel wants it.

Another problem is the <a href="http://judicial-inc.biz/Israel_in_Iraq_supplement.htm#Operation%20matador">Mossad leaking</a> US military information to the insurgents.

09-10-2005, 04:13 PM
An eye-opener, to say the least.