View Full Version : Is America realy ruined???

01-15-2011, 01:59 PM
Alot of people think im crazy but i know whats going on and i wil not let modern Americans tell me otherwise. Everybody thinks this country is fine and nothing is wrong, just little problums. I for one think otherwise, you see i bealive that the government is hiding the most important facts and future catastrophic events. People go about there lives living and worrying about bills, kids, cars, ect. but what they don't know is that its all just a mindwash situation. Ask yourself this, have you ever gotten so caught up in bills and stress that you can't think outside of the box?? Well thats whats wrong here, other countries used to look up at us and now they look down at the country that use to make sence. Nobody does it right anymore, we just do things without thinking for example the president Barrac Hossaine Obama, or how about the problum and why were in war. Maybe i am crazy but i do know one thing this country just isn't the same...:( and it sure isn't honest. Please if someone else can clear it up please help me im driving myself nuts stressing over whats happening.