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09-15-2005, 01:25 AM

"Marijuana" A documentary by Woody Harrolson.

I used to grow pot.

At my peak I was producing 12 pounds every 8 weeks. Thats $3200 pound wholesale. Not bad money. I personally cant stand the stuff. A sore throat and a tub of ice cream later...

I was also a little ethically challenged by it. Pot is not good for you. The people who drive the market are not a joint a day people...they are 10-15 joints a day people plus amphetamine usually.

My specific reasons for growing was not money as such...but a method to get "out" as Georgy Porgy was rampaging accross the planet unchallenged. I had visions of a large parcel of land with solar panels etc...

That ended mid 2003 when 15 coppers visited my abode. I was glad. I do not like living a double life.

Now, in my home town of Perth, they have declared war on Marijuana. Psychiatry and the Christian Right headed by a group called "Families First" have been lobbying for years to have a crack down on it.

There wish has come true. Now you cant get it anywhere unless you have a friend growing or you grow yourself. Instead...Perth is awash in high quality amphetamine as the dealers move on. Well done chaps!

Local small time growers have been scared off as police have confiscated assets of even small operations. Now, organised crime will move in and make a killing. Organised crime dont care about criminal confiscation laws. They know how to get around them.

How long has it been now since prohibition? Has their been a single win by the authorities? Just one?

I dont know what the answer is with drugs. I'm not sure having open slather is the answer but neither is prohibition.

I think strong communities are the only defence against drugs ruining lives.

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