View Full Version : Herman Goering - Jolly Fat Man Incompetent? Or Agent For Who?

09-16-2005, 02:29 AM
Goering was with Hitler from the beginning.

He was intimately connected to German and European aristocracy.

He was also a traitor to Germany and Hitler.

It is well documented he gave warnings to Belgium and Norway of the coming invasions.

He did everything he could to stuff up the destruction of the British Airforce in 1940 - giving strict orders that British airfields were NOT to be bombed 2 days in a row during the battle of Britain. Demanding that fighter escorts flew close to the bombers instead of high and to the rear which was shown to be the best and only real tactic that worked effectively. In fact they were mowing British fighters down like flies this way. Still he INSISTED that this tactic be implimented over the protests of his subordinates.

He lied to Hitler regarding Luftwaffe capabilities to airlift supplies to the Stalingrad garrison. In fact he lied constantly to Hitler about all manner of things until he was finally sidelined by Speer and Gudarian towards the end of the war.

Despite his GROSS INCOMPETENCE, Hitler never fired him until the very end. Why was Goering allowed such leeway? Which power did he front for?

In the end...despite being an indited war criminal, Goering romps up to an 8th Airforce base in full "jolly" mode. Poses for pics and in the end alledgedly commits suicide in his cell, avoiding the gallows. During the Neuremberg trials he is outspokenly derisive of the whole affair and seems very sure of himself.

It stinks. I dont buy it. He was working for someone from the beginning.

09-16-2005, 04:51 AM
Despite his GROSS INCOMPETENCE, Hitler never fired him until the very end.

Hey, he was "Unser Hermann" to the German people, almost as comic and lovable as his counterpart Curly Joe Howard in the 1940 short You Nazti Spy...


(Remember when Curly even had the medals pinned on his ass, an obvious slight to Goering, who reportedly never met a German war medal that he didn't insist on obtaining?)