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09-16-2005, 09:36 AM
'Eyeless In Gaza'
What we look for in others
is what we need to see in ourselves
By John Kaminski

Sometimes it's hard - when you're standing amid the rubble of the latest New World Order war zone - to determine whether things happen as a result of somewhat natural social evolution, or whether some hidden hand from a dark corner of the human psyche constantly steers us all toward misery and crisis.

Put more simply: Is it testosterone or is it Tavistock? (You know, that British think tank that scripted women's lib, the Beatles, Timothy Leary et al to mime the populace into passivity.)

The title of Aldous Huxley's 1955 novel, "Eyeless in Gaza," alludes to the Biblical story of Samson, who revealed to Delilah the secret of his strength - his hair - and was betrayed to his enemies the Philistines. Deported as a slave to their city of Gaza and blinded to make him harmless, he was forgotten until feast day. By then his hair had regrown, and even blind he was able to pull down the temple on the heads of the celebrating Philistines (and kill himself at the same time).

Is this a parable of the human future?

Today Gaza is the scene of one of the most bizarre political song-and-dances in human history, where a supposed country has been established in the middle of an oppressive police state. The imprisoned Palestinians don't even have access to their own water, and their borders are lined by the Jewish Israeli war machine ready to shoot children in the head at a moment's notice.

This is what happens when people pretend they are gods.

Palestinians are the Navajos of the 21st century, forever to be marginalized after they are exterminated down to acceptable, zoo-like levels. Palestinians are the prototype for future Earth citizens ineligible for membership in corporate elysia, a herd that needs to be managed and occasionally culled.

Unless you understand that this has been the fate of the majority of humankind throughout history, you probably are unable to comprehend that this is the inevitable future forecast for all of us.

Gaza vividly and viscerally represents the condition of much of the world at this time - and to be fair, at all times.

Favored Jewish residents of Gaza received hundreds of thousands of dollars APIECE for vacating their homes to make way for the new Gaza megaprison. The soggy survivors of New Orleans got a couple of hundred bucks and a few Wal-Mart gift cards.

Contemplate the new American rubble zones strategically trashed around the world: the festering sore of Israel inevitably spreads outward and wraps its conquered non-Jewish subhumans in giant walls, which likely we are soon to see in New Orleans, the newest New World Order reconstruction project now being forever shackled by contracts with the folks who built Guantanamo.

Fifty years ago America was taken over architecturally by Jewish gangster Bugsy Siegel, who designed Las Vegas with the spreading mall virus, which has since infected the whole world. Now, the new standard of living will be set by the camps to which many New Orleans refugees will be assigned. It will resemble Guantanamo, and the code of ethics to be used there will be the manual for population control written at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. Jewish movies from Hollywood will continue to be the standard viewing fare for all Americans, and all other "approved" citizens of the world.

Iraq remains a smoldering, poisoned cinder. The Garden of Eden, or at least the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, are now encased in a cancer-guaranteed zone of radioactive poison: truly, a stunning tribute to Western philosophy and technology.

Afghanistan is a free fire zone, also poisoned. Something there is about the powers that be wanting to keep rubbing two sticks together to keep the sparks flying, because it generates steady profits for their members by continuing the flow of ammunition and armaments. And this is the engine that creates our comfort, our leisure to debate these matters in cyberspace, then attempts to get them to spill out into the third-dimensional world without much success.

The names of nations and peoples being crunched up in the meat grinder of corporatization fly past our eyes, too extensive to comprehend. Somewhere between Kisangali and Kampala, people are actually eating pygmies. Two million everyday souls live in the landfills of Rio de Janeiro. In New Orleans, these same folks live in Houston.

War is where the real money is, although rebuilding entire societies like Sumatra is extremely profitable also. This is the gift that Western civilization has given us. We can even make money off the trashing of the planet.

Where in our own inner darkness do we process this information? What stratagem or philosophical canard do we use to explain this to ourselves?

How do we stifle the image that we are eating ourselves, as cannibalism's primal impulse glitters mysteriously in the bottom of the Communion cup?

Do we, like victims of the London Blitz, merely take cover and wait for the storm to pass? As a veteran hurricane dodger I can tell you it is definitely better to live to fight another day.

But only for a little while can avoidance be construed as prudence. When something nettles you for a long time it is always better to take definitive action to fix the problem rather than constantly continue to deal with its exasperations.

Will the parable come true? That's our question. Will Samson, in his blind, frustrated fury, yank on the chains so hard it will bring all of human society down in a heap of horrifying ruin?

Hey, blame our forebears. They made it happen. We inherited it. Now, the bus is moving, unstoppably toward its destination. If you stand in front of it, you'll be run down. I'd like to say sit back and enjoy the show, but it's probably going to hurt.

Just ask those folks who used to be from New Orleans. Or the displaced and debauched citizens of Fallujah and so many other places graced by the presence of those Zionist warmakers known as Blackwater mercenaries. They're stationed both in Baghdad and on the Cajun coastline, escorting Israeli advisers around the neighborhood to help out with the new fortification plans.

Now, contemplate the view of your future. Staring out vacantly from behind the barbed wire in your mind. Eyeless in Gaza.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida whose Internet essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world. http://www.johnkaminski.com/

09-16-2005, 08:30 PM
Kaminski writes exceedingly well.

He also considers Christianity a fraud and the U.N as the only answer to U.S and Israeli Unilateralism.

He's a well intentioned hippy/secular-humanist.

Another useful idiot.

09-16-2005, 08:38 PM
Yeah, we agree on Kaminski, TB.
Shame. He's one of those guys who comes so close to getting it...
Actually, his rips on Judaism are even worse than his criticisms of Christianity.

09-16-2005, 08:50 PM
Shame. He's one of those guys who comes so close to getting it...

Which is why he disapoints me so...

Is a re-education camp out of the question for him? He appears not beyond help?

Actually, his rips on Judaism are even worse than his criticisms of Christianity.

True. He does it excellently. But to be expected from a feel good Humanist. He would'nt want to be seen as "unfair" or lacking in "balance". :-)

09-28-2005, 09:07 AM
After re-reading my post and both your replies, the only picture that comes to mind is the two of you, clinging desperately to floating debris in 20' deep water, refusing a ride because Kaminski is driving the boat! :lol:

09-28-2005, 09:11 AM
If Hillary is Cabin Girl I may consider a hand up...Grrrrr...

09-28-2005, 12:29 PM
After re-reading my post and both your replies, the only picture that comes to mind is the two of you, clinging desperately to floating debris in 20' deep water, refusing a ride because Kaminski is driving the boat

Yes, because if Kaminski is driving the boat, it will be heading the wrong direction in the utmost style.

09-28-2005, 01:12 PM
And your point is?

Neither one of you guys has a problem expressing yourself, perhaps you would give me your deeper reasons for your dislike/disapproval of Kaminski.

Sorry, but I find his writing to be generally accurate and most interesting, but, then again, that is only MHO.

09-28-2005, 01:18 PM
freeman wrote:
Yeah, we agree on Kaminski, TB.
Shame. He's one of those guys who comes so close to getting it...
Actually, his rips on Judaism are even worse than his criticisms of Christianity.

After reading the article, I thought to myself, this guy gets it!!

So, what type of "tool" is he??

09-28-2005, 02:02 PM
Neither one of you guys has a problem expressing yourself, perhaps you would give me your deeper reasons for your dislike/disapproval of Kaminski.

When it comes to his interpretation of the New World Order, Kaminski simply cannot separate cause from effect in terms of religion.
He blames the entire conspiracy on misguided religious beliefs, similar to John Lenon's lyrics to the song Imagine, i. e., that a world without religious beliefs would also be a eutopia devoid of conflict and strife.
Nothing could be further from the truth. As Dr. Henry observes, it is the New World Order's corruption and destruction of relgion, as well as race, nation and family values, that comprises their agenda for the subversion of society. Are we to honestly believe that a bunch of evil monopolists aren't going to find other justifications for cheating, killing, stealing and every type of general mayhem simply because they no longer have religious differneces and conflicts? This is similar to the rationale of the gun control nuts that taking away firearms will eliminate violent crime.
I believe this misconception on the part of many NWO anlysts has its basis in their inability to wrap their secular humanist-trained intellects around the concept of Satanism as being the central and pervasive element throughout the entire conspiracy. (Note that I am not saying that a belief in a horned demon with pitchfork -- or any higher power -- is necessary as long as one is able to understand that those involved in this cabal espouse such beliefs and are controlled by them.)
Kaminski even goes so far as to fall into the old Gnostic trap of asserting that all deities are essentially man-made and therfore inherently Satanic; of course, the only solution offered to this conundrum is for man to perfect himself to godlike status -- the exact same vanity of the Illuminati themselves.
And no, BA, TB & I weren't talking so much about this Kaminski piece specifically as his work in general.

09-28-2005, 03:08 PM
It IS a fact that religion has been corrupted, the two most obvious examples are Zionist Jerry Fraud-well and Pat "Lone Assassin" Robertson, but there are more than just those two.

Religion and the State have always been "in bed" together, point in fact, Constantine made Roman Catholocism the religion of the Western Roman Empire up until the Renaissance and Reformation. When England kicked the Church out, Henry VIII(?) immediately set up the Church of England to take it's place so he could control it.

It wasn't Kaminski who said, "Man creates god in his own image." He might agree with it but he wasn't the first to enunciate it. IMO, everyone is entitled to believe in whatever religion suits their needs - or no religion at all - but it should be like their underwear, private. None of this, "My god's bigger, better, whatever than yours and I've got the millitary hardware to prove it." BTW, one of OUR Generals said that.

It was said that America is a Christian nation. Now, anytime somebody says that, the jews, muslims, shinto, greenpeace (tree huggers, don't you know), etc. rear up and start hissing and spitting. Only 10 Commandment "radicals" say that much anymore. Pity.

Satanism is a religion. Thanks, I'll pass on it but if its someone else's choice, no law against bad judgment.

While just about 95% of the time I find myself in agreement with you two guys, this time I have to disagree.

09-28-2005, 03:55 PM
Religion as we know it and as it is practiced today has been corrupted and distorted IMO. The "rapture" is extraBiblical; some 19th century mystic gets credit for that one.

Two of the greatest corrupters are Zionists Jerry Fraud-well and Pat "the assassin" Robertscam. There are more but those two are best known because their faces are plastered on the Amazing Electronic Zionist Brainwashing Machine, TV to the rest of you.

The Book of Revalations and Armageddon rouse the faithful and fill their coffers because of fear and they drive it home that this war in the Middle East could signal the return of Jesus.

What happened to the teachings of a gentle Jesus, meek and mild who said, "Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for such is the Kingdom of Heaven?"

Is that the same Jesus who is "on our side" while innocent men, women and children are blown to bits by our war machine in an illegal war started on a pack of lies? Yet good Christians say we have to save face and keep the war going? How many more lives have to be sacrificed on the altars of Mammon, Molock and Bachus? Do Christians realize to whom they are sacrificing?

It used to be said that America is a Christian nation. Nowdays, because of our "cultural diversity," you don't hear that much anymore because the muslims, jews, shinto, wiccans, etc., take offence. Only 10 Commandment "radicals" will put their neck on the chopping block by making that statement, yet, at one time it used to be true.

Satinism is a religion, too. Not my cup o'tea but for those who choose it..... no law against bad taste.

Faith - or lack thereof - should be as personal as your underwear. The point being, religion as practiced today is a GREAT divider. I think that is about all Kaminski is seeing, therefore saying.

While more times than not, I find myself in agreement with the two of you but not this time. I must respectfully disagree.

09-28-2005, 06:12 PM
"Satinism is a religion, too. Not my cup o'tea but for those who choose it..... no law against bad taste."

IMO, Satanism is more than just "bad taste" in religion.

09-28-2005, 07:22 PM
Allright, something is definitely wrong with my laptop! After I wrote the first post and hit SUBMIT it refused to take it. That was OK, I thought I remember most of what I had written, so I tried it again.

Same-o, Same-o for results. :-? By this time I am sorely frustrated and ready to delve into my supply of hyphenated cuss words. As luck would have it, my in-house computer whiz kid (my youngest daughter) came in and I threw a death grip on her and pulled her towards my hightech set up, which consists of a lapdesk barely larger than the laptop it holds.

A good ten minutes pass while I explained the problem as I understood (?)it; hmmmm, says she, "Mom, I think you have a short." Panic, a short, how, where??? "Between the chair and the keypad," she replied as she breezed out to run errands.

Stupid me, "What should I do?" I asked her back. "Give it a rest, MOM." That was a while ago, I guess I fixed the short.

09-28-2005, 09:13 PM
Yes, i'm having probs posting as well.

Could simply be the server performing something...ask DARKECHILD.

As for Kaminski...he writes excellently and I look forward to his "sane" and "reasonable" analysis of events.

Still, if you are agitating for the abolishing of religion as the answer to all the worlds problems you are either a useful idiot or "working for the other team".

Kaminski is intelligent. I find it hard to believe he cant tell the difference between nut case fundamentalists and the ACTUAL religious texts that are quite SPECIFIC in their claims...is he saying the words of Christ as written in the 4 Gospels are shit? Made up? The answer is yes.

He is a Left wing agitator out to destroy Christianity and I dont care how perfectly "reasonable" his arguments are...that goes for Mike Rivero to.

Refer to the video I have posted BARBARA at...


"The Other Israel".

People who follow Kaminski and others like him will gladly throw away the central tenants of Christianity and the institutions that have grown up around it and protected individuals from unlimited State tyranny through the structure of the political and judicial systems...all based on Christian tennants and swaring loyalty unto God.

As the plot unfolds people will gladly throw away their rights to come under the authority of the Secular Humanist United Nations program.

Baby fur seal colonies should thrive. As for the human race? I am not so sure.

09-29-2005, 05:59 AM
It IS a fact that religion has been corrupted...

Religion and the State have always been "in bed" together,

True and truer, Barbara. But you still fail to explain to me how eliminating religion is going to prevent the NWO from finding another bed partner.
Therefore, I still perceive this line of reasoning as throwing out the baby with the bath water, since without religion, a lot of positive values will also be discarded. There is virtually no conscience, no semblance of morality or decency devoid of spiritual values. Throw away religion, and you simply throw mankind back to the purely animalistic level, which is even worse than the pretense of corrupted religion.

09-29-2005, 08:30 AM
One last effort to make my position clear and then I am leaving the subject of religion.

1. I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE, that is up to you. I disregard Kaminski's rants on Christianity and Judaism - taking that which interests me and skipping the rest. He has his reasons for being anti-religion, you have your reasons for being pro-religion. FINE, both ways.

2. To understand what is written, whether it be an article that I post or the replies that others post, I try to understand where those who commit their thoughts to words are coming from, whether it be Kaminski or Freeman or TrueBeliever.

More than anything, I try to recognize the difference between the facts that they are offering as opposed to their opinions. The only basis for debate is of the facts, not opinions. I would have to know everything about a person and what contributed to his/her particular belief system. NO THANKS.

3. While I am irreligious, IT IS FINE WITH ME if you or the whole world is not. There are enough religions out there for everybody that wants one to have one. Be my guest.

DO NOT USE THOSE RELIGIONS which hinge on one's belief system to argue facts because it becomes a vicious cycle. I was not there when "God said...," so I don't know if that is what he said or not or even what he might have meant IF he said whatever - or who's god said it.

From having studied the Bible I have a fair knowledge of what is written and can talk with you concerning it, offering quotes for your consideration as a counterpoint in a discussion. Past that, forget it.

4. According to the writings of Albert Pike to his peer in Italy, Gusippe Macinni (sp?) they intend to "wear out" both religion and athiesm, no doubt through wars, so that they can establish their One World Religion which is Luciferian. (I will reject that one, too, if I am still around)

5. I BELIEVE that you cannot have a creation without a creator. I do not know if he/she/it has a name. If I ever knew it I have forgotten. Every religion has a name for this entity or force. Along with the name comes all the rhetoric and dogma that is attached. That is where I opt out.

6. When I open my eyes in the morning I am grateful for another day in which to maybe do some good or at least do no harm to any living thing. I am better at "a hand up" than "a hand out," although I have been known to do that on occasion, too.

I love the pursuit of knowledge and the open exchange of ideas. I detest petty bickering and "knit-picking." I do not "agitate" for anything, staying with a subject only as long as reason, logic and interest dictate.

My "cause," if you could call it that, is for the return and furtherance of individual rights and freedom - both of action, thought and expression. Anyone or group who sets about to curb or destroy those rights and that freedom are in my crosshairs, as you can see from my posts and comments.

Now, let's move on.

09-29-2005, 08:59 AM
BARBARA...what matters to me is the practical effect of Kaminski.

That is to further weaken the religious foundation of society.

The VERY foundations of the Judicial and Political systems of the West are based on Christian tenents.

His comments destroy that, and are aiding the esteblishment of the New World Order "Institutions" which have their value system based on the new religion of "Secular Humanism" to which I gaurantee he is an adherent.

He sounds like a nice guy and I enjoy his articles but ultimately we need to go deeper than even him.

Kaminski knows what he is doing. He is smart enough to be more specific than he is...therefore I cannot cheer him on, though i enjoy his articles. It is standard Left antiwar which goes the extra mile and is extremely well done to be sure.

But I cannot sleep with someone who is ultimately aiding the enemy. He considers Christianity a load of old bollocks and for the weak minded and gullible. What am I to do?

09-29-2005, 09:38 AM
One last effort to make my position clear and then I am leaving the subject of religion.

1. I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE, that is up to you. I disregard Kaminski's rants on Christianity and Judaism - taking that which interests me and skipping the rest. He has his reasons for being anti-religion, you have your reasons for being pro-religion. FINE, both ways.

...Does this mean I won?:-?

No, not that simple, Barbara. Kaminski's attempts to make religion the scapegoat of the New World Order are not only offensive on a personal level to those who are believers, but more importantly, it is a recklessly incorrect prescription to the malady.
Religion is just one of the levers (albeit perhaps the most important) that the Illuminati manipulate in order to provoke the conflicts that will lead to their one world government and the suppression of all individual freedoms and liberties.
To focus on religion as the sole cause of the problem is a diversionary tactic at best and a subtle mechanism for substituting their secular humanist value system that Truebeliever describes at worst.
It is counterproductive and just plain stupid. As TB says, I suspect someone who writes with the skill and passion of Kaminski knows better; and I would temper that consdieration with whatever other valuable information that he might impart.
Now I am leaving the subject, too. :-D