View Full Version : Why all the fuss about freemasons?

Kon Foundas
02-14-2011, 09:17 PM
Are they really that important? Are they really that powerful? Are they really that sinister?

freemasons (not worth a capital) along with other covert groups are on the surface very much like the rest of us, but must differ in several ways. Not going to list any because it's really not that important!!

The replies you sometimes get to any criticism of groups like freemasons comes in the form of threats and absurd dogma.

If some secretive group sanctions a threat or worse on someone else in the secretive name of some lore they (misguidedly) follow, then they are not displaying some ultimate form of power - they are just showing that they are thugs! Don't waste time deluding yourselves. You are not that important. This would still apply to those that are 'controlling' and policing the world and the people in it (ie. the world's wealth through corporations, funds etc). When under the cover of darkness, you decide to collaborate in deceitful, threatening and illegal acts to somehow reinforce any type of delusional supremacy. It's as if you're playing some role in a Batman flick! Yeah, the Joker!

The most significant and important groups that exist/existed are not the freemasons or other secretive organizations. Not ones that are preoccupied with and fixated on their own-self delusional worth or that practice some draconian or medieval style of worship, to 'keep' the rest of us at bay!!

Forward-thinking, opportunistic, energetic, positive, humanistic people and groups will always have an edge on those that practice different forms of deception and exclude themselves from the collective good and reality!

So go to your secret meetings and perform your secret handshakes and live-out the dream just like Alice did in Wonderland.


02-15-2011, 07:56 AM
you seem to be the one making all the fuss i have never heard of freemasons before:)