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03-18-2011, 03:11 AM
Hi everyone. First to introduce myself I am international student currently studying in australia so my english is second language any misspelt word or gramar mistake I might make would be understandable ( i hope ) :)
I am from macedonia and less known about our president who died in aircrash is the conspiracy behind. Boris Trajkovski our ex-president was protestant and he obviously belongs to protestatnts church however he was in position to become same as pope in catholic church and he had only one opponent from France. He died in strange aircrash in Bosnia and SFOR mission in bosnia is operating and dealing with flight controll. That paricular day on flight controll were two Frech soldgers who immidiately got transfered to France after the crash and we never saw them since. 2 hours after crash there was witness saying that she ( inhabitant from the village ) heard calls for help . However Nato-Sfor soldgers were on the spot and didnt let anyone else even Macedonian representatives to go on the crash spot saying that that area is MINE area from war in 1994 and it is not safe to be there. Their bodies ( president and others ) were outside of the airplane burned , however part of their baggage was untouched. There's a lot of mystery in the whole situation but for that next time.

Today the world is so crazy that is even crazy to be normal:confused: