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im not scared of dying
04-10-2011, 11:16 AM
in short i think it sucks dick, but im gratefull to have been shown the illusion by none other than god himself.

there is a video by a gentleman called Maurice corterllie (probably mispelt) about the mayans,

if you want to understand the illuminatie , watch that video, god personaly showed me the ultimate deception for myself whilst taking magic mushrooms. he told me never to do this sort of thing again and spared my soul only telling me to be good.

make what you want of what i have said, it really did happen, you can match it up to the bible.

he appears as an angel of light

the universal light man aka lucifer poses as what seems to be a man made of light. (see the video by maurice ) electro magnetic energy,

he demands sacrifice

easily proven lucifer demands blood , the mayans portray it in such a noble way, even though it is ethicaly wrong, again see the video by that high level occultist maurice corterllie.

in his own words we are a conduit for god, we help god grow. so the sacrafice of life takesa bit of strain off wht they belive to be god.when god showed me this it is basically the entire universe seems to be coming off the man made of light/electro magnetic energy , the man i have discovered to be none other than Lucifer.

i used to burn bibles, i hated Christians, i did not ask to see this shit but i did and it drove me to seek out the mystery god showed me. i had no idea about the illuminate , in all honesty i was like 18 19 a young guy. at first i believed the light man to be god i was confused , but over the next few years discovered the truth and the images god showed me were all true and then it was confirmed by reading and watching stuff from fritz springemier and others who really saved me from ultimate deception and the spell of the light man.

Maurice Cotterell Secrets of the SuperGods part2 (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1128787908498295835#)

any way watch this video ny that occultist/scientist cough dude, i couldn't find part 1 so if anyone can please post it under my post ,i would like to see it again myself :)

its quite long, this will explain what god showed me physically , i experienced it i can confirm this is the ultimate illuminate deception, they even believe it to be true.

i hope you guys appreciate the honesty in my post, i know its a bit errr strange , but it is what it is

sorry for the bad English