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05-20-2011, 06:47 PM
Common Purpose is a charity with the objective of creating ‘Future Leaders’ of society. But why is it so secretive? Why should its ‘graduates’ be encouraged to use their new-found knowledge to lead 'Outside Authority'? What part does it play in accelerating the process towards a totalitarian bureaucracy?
Brian Gerrish is a retired Commander of the Royal Navy. Since he started uncovering dark secrets behind the power hierarchy in Britain he has been firmly committed to rolling back the elitist agenda of European and global centralisation.

Common Purpose - Exposing the Real Traitors By Brian Gerrish: 12 Dec 2009 (http://www.clubconspiracy.com/forum/Common%20Purpose%20-%20Exposing%20the%20Real%20Traitors%20By%20Brian%2 0Gerrish:%2012%20Dec%202009)