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05-27-2011, 09:30 AM
The UK Column is a very rare newspaper, it reports news based upon facts and is not affiliated to any political party. No other newspaper in the UK comes close to this refreshing publication!

About the UK Column

The UK Column began life in 2005 as the Plymouth & Devonport Column, when Brian Gerrish and his colleagues decided they had had enough of the blatant corruption in Plymouth and the UK.
Through the generosity of its supporters, it has grown into a nationwide organisation, help launch the British Constitution Group, helped spawn the Sovereign Independent in Ireland, and continues to work to expose corruption in every area of British life.

UK Column | (http://www.ukcolumn.org/)

Check out the website and decide for yourself! It is full of information and has links to other worthy sites.

You can purchase online, and if you'd rather do so by snail mail then just give the office a ring!