View Full Version : Tom Burns and the Lota rape .. he was Leader of the Queensland Opposition!

Martin Timothy
06-07-2011, 06:13 PM
Driving along Lytton Rd after working an overtime shift one Saturday at the Ampol Oil Refinery on Lytton Island, Tom Burns was in his work van at the traffic lights near the Colmslie Hotel.http://i.min.us/jym5e.png

He was an electrician and I thought he must have been working overtime, I saw him the next S'day at the same place, he looked kinda stressed to see me at the same lights on consecutive Saturdays, he did not look like he had been at work.

Still working overtime shifts, the lights were green the next Saturday when I drove thru, wile TB was in his work van on the Wynnum Rd side - he looked like he had committed a crime - hollow cheeked and wide eyed, that night on the evening news, was a report that a thirteen yo girl had been brutally raped at Lota an adjoining suburb!http://i.min.us/jyvbA.png

Shortly thereafter Tom Burns was endorsed by the Australian Labor Party, as Member for Lytton in the Queensland Parliament.http://i.min.us/jcQBLc.png
From Left: Beattie, Burns, Smith

Journal_10_2001_page1 (http://www.dockersunion.net/journals/Journal_10_2001_page1.html)

1982 Leslie Smith then President of the Queensland Branch of the P&D's Union, said Peter Beattie then Qld Secretary of the Australian Labor Party, was blackmailing him, under the terms of which he had committed murder.

It could be that the murder Smith says he carried out at the discretion of Peter Beattie, was the same young woman who Burns raped in 1972 or thereabouts, at Lota.

Keith Wright later Member for Capricornia, and like Burns a former Leader in the Queensland Parliament, had got twelve years for a similar crime against a twelve yo girl, maybe the girl from Lota was "making noises!"